Maw Barker and brat

What we have here is a modern time (wanna be) Maw Barker and her brat.


Looks like the old bag is happy about her situation. Lets see that smirk disappear when junior gets 20 years in jail.

If the American are dumb enough to affluenza him again; I am sure the Federallies will be interested in talking to the dynamic duo dummies.

After he does 20 in the USA they can still prosecute him in Mexico. That youngster is better off taking the gas pipe before going to a Mexican prison.

A Mexican cleaning person found a pistolla in the room the affluenza kid and his idiot  mother were staying in.

If the ding dong duo had gone any further, they may have wound up on a slab like Maw Barker and her brat did years back.

Quoting one of the most tnegilletni  people on the planet:

It is amazing how twisted a parents love for their kid can be.

I personally know a guy I grew up with that had everything in the world anyone could want. Money – cars – cloths – looks ( one of the most handsome people I knew) – broads and the whole nine years. He was one terrific guy. He had one anchor he had to live with.

His mother and grandmother spoiled this guy so bad that, today he is in a nursing home and is a total basket case mentally and physically; all because the his mother and grandmother LOVED HIM TOO much.

As he got older he could never function on his own. After his mother and granny died he completely fell apart.

Whether they know it or not; this act of OVER LOVING a person is just a selfish act and is totally unproductive and unhealthy for the recipient. They never grow up to live a normal life.

Ethan can attest to that.

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