Lets get ready to rumble!!!

China says it’s building new homegrown aircraft carrier:

Out of the 3 super-powers in the world that have any  real significance, the USA is the only one that is cutting it’s military strength while the other 2 are pouring money into theirs. Is that by  design or poor judgement?

The USA’s military mite is one of the only things that has kept us from; as Mr. Wonderful would say; being squashes like a cockroach and eating with chop sticks or drinking vodka for breakfast.

Is the man in the BIG CHAIR too oblivious to see what is staring him in the face or are these dangerous maneuvers  decided by design?

Based on common-sense decision making; it really leaves the door open for anyone that has the least bit of logic to try and understand  what his motivations are.

I have been attempting to understand the ultra-liberal mentality for years but most of it doesn’t make sense to me. The way the PC-ers  evaluate situation is; 2 + 2 = 5.

Do the flower children truly believe that if dangerous and critical situations are left unattended and ignored that will disappear by them-self?  It has been proven through history that the real world does not operate that way.

A great majority of the ultra-liberals are very intelligent people (book sense) but when it comes to commonsense or street sense they don’t know when to open their umbrella in a down pour.

If I had my choice of choosing between being a super intelligent or having an abundance of  common-sense and street-sense I would pick doors # 2 + 3.

Common-sense and street sense are the survival tools that are going to keep a person/country alive. By the time the book worms get to page 137 paragraph 5 to see what to do, their ass is already grass. If it is not written in the books, they do not understand it.

Common-sense should tell a person that when their enemies are gearing up; that is not the time to downsize.

Here is a comparison between what China’s military and what the USA ‘s looks like today.  Keep in mind, they continue to build their military while our leaders decided to cut the military so they can fund their egos and pet projects.

This is the comparison between China’s military strength and the USA’s:

Troops:  China 2.3 million – USA 1.4 million

Artillery: China 13,790 – USA 7,490

Tanks: 6,540 China –  USA 2,785

Submarines:  China 70 – USA 73

Combat Aircraft:  China 2,571  –  USA  3,680

Destroyers:  China 17  – USA 62

These numbers actually mean very little; the real threat are the nuclear weapons each country has.

According to Ploughshares Fund, this is an account of the nuclear weapons each country has stock piled.


RUSSIA 7,500    –  USA 7,200   –  FRANCE 300  –  CHINA 250   – UK 225 
PAKISTAN 130   –  INDIA 110   –  ISRAEL 80   –  NORTH KOREA  15
Those number are really insignificant as well. It will only take a hand full of nukes to close the door on humanity.
The big difference between the USA and the majority of these other countries, they are not afraid to use them if need be.  Whether the leaders of the USA would get off of their PC horse and pull the trigger if necessary, that is questionable.
Aside from the countries listed is Iran. Yes the people we just gave 150 bbbbbillion dollars to in hope you behave money is the most dangerous.  As of recent, they have reneged on any and all agreements they have signed on the dotted line for.
I had a very dear friend of mine that used to tell me; the guys on the corner used to wait for this dummy to get off of the streetcar.  They used to take  his whole paycheck shooting crap every Friday but he kept coming back for more.  Sound Familiar???
This is the logic between fighting a war to win or fighting it to drag it out the humane way.  These opinions are shared by many top military leaders that have been there.
There should  never be any rules as to fight a war humanly. Fighting a war humanly according to the experts, produces more causalities than if a war is fought fast, furious and expediently. The longer it is drug out the more causalities there can be expected.  War should be fought to win; not for profit.
The war on terrorism could be over in a month if there was not so much of a concern with collateral damage. That may sound brutal but those are the facts of life. Get in and out as fast as possible. Do whatever it takes to win.
I am sure that the PC-ers and the ultra-liberals  in this country foolishly think that if the circumstances were reversed that our enemies would fight the war in on the USA mainland using the same political correctness as we are. ABSOLUTELY WRONG!!!! They would attack us with impunity and take no prisoners.  If what we have witnessed with the terrorism is not proof enough of their brutality, I don’t know what is.
The terrorists know the MO of their enemy and use it to their advantage. They hide in school, churches and many other populated areas because they know the are safe there.  It would be a 1,000% difference if they did not have a safe haven.  I do understand that these are very difficult choices to make but are necessary.
The pathetic side of wars:
As we all know by documentation, wars are started by greedy, narcissistic men that are only in it for the profit. The longer the wars drag out the more money they make.  The people that are giving their lives are just pawn in their hands and they could care less about them.
None of the wars the USA has been in since WWII were necessary with the possible exception of Korea. After seeing the French got their ass handed to them in Vietnam or leaders figured it was time for them to make a few bucks.
We all know what the outcome was. After years of getting destroyed the North Vietnamese,  the USA decided, in governmental terminology  to make a strategic withdrawal; in laymen terms, it means we ran away.  In doing so, we left billions of dollars of equipment and material.
The greatest disaster of the Vietnam war was the 58,209 people killed – 211,455 wounded and 2,489 missing.  Who in their right mind could live knowing we did not belong their in the first place???????
This same scenario applies to Iraq and all that came after.
One example of thousands:
During the Vietnam War, because of their close ties to LBJ, a company named Brown & Root won a $380 million contract to build airports, bases, hospitals and other facilities for the U.S. Navy in South Vietnam. For the excessive  amount of work they were GIVEN, the company was dubbed the Vietnam builders. You blow them up and we will build them up.
I wonder how many times the same structure were destroyed and rebuilt on purpose???
When LBJ got into the top seat, Brown & Root won contracts for huge construction projects for the federal government. It was a plain as the big nose on LBJ’s face that the sizable gifts Brown & Root gave to Johnson’s political campaign  ended up with the company being well taken care of.
Like the sweet deals between Halliburton and Cheney  in the Middle East wars, it is speculated that the majority of the project were GIVEN to Brown & Root using the little known process of NO COMPETITIVE BIDDING. Not a bad way to make a living.
Than we have Iraq:
Chris Matthews says Cheney got $34 million payday from Halliburton
Cheney resigned his CEO position with Halliburton to become VP for Bush Sr. When he made his strategic move the company gave Cheney 34 million as walking away money. As we all should know, they kept in very close contact through the years
Just so the public understands how this process works. The estimated bid price given to a project only means that the company who got the job has their foot in the door and the rest is Carte Blanche.
It is very common that a project can have an estimated cost of 20 million dollar. Before the project is completed, the final tab can  easily exceed 200 million and no one bats an eye. That is because many of the people involved are getting their end.  This happens everyday in the government.
It is unconscionable that there are people in this world without a heart or soul that start wars and keep them going for profit.
Under our current way of governing; I don’t have a crystal ball or claim to be clairvoyant or pessimistic  but I would suggest that all Americans’ practice eating with chop sticks and start acquiring a taste for Russian vodka, unless some drastic changes are made.
Let us hope in 2016 our leaders take their blinders off and see the forest, because it is on fire.
By the way  HAPPY NEW YEAR


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