If you are not hiding anything what …….

King says terror threat coming from mosques, calls for better surveillance:


If you are not hiding anything, what is your objection. Rather be wrong and alive than PC right and dead.


Republican Peter King from New York is echoing what a lot of people are saying these days that some of the mosques in the USA are a breeding ground for terrorists. I am sure he is right.

Time have changed in the world FOLKS and if we want to be ahead of the curve we have to change with them.  If a cop pulls me over for no reason but because he suspects something, I would have no objections at all, where years ago that would have pissed me off.  By the airport security pulling me out of the line and giving me a thorough check, I respect that. They are doing their job.

In the same token, if government officials feel that they should be checking mosques, churches or any other dwellings in the country for suspected terrorism activities, that is what they should be doing. If a person has nothing to hide, what is their problem?

As we can see there are a few of mosques scattered around the country.

images (3)

What some people consider an invasion of privacy, that invasion may be the thing that is going to save their life some day.

As long as the searching is done with dignity and respect, why should anyone object?

For all of the good Muslims in this world and I am sure you vastly outnumber the bad; if you would like to change the way people in the world perceive you, help us stand against the other side and assist the world in turning this terrorism thing around. Stand up and recognized. Silence is golden but it can also be very deceptive.

It is a new day and age FOLKS – get used to it. I can guarantee one thing; conditions are going to get MUCH worse before they get better; that is if they ever do .

Don’t forget USA; as we have witnessed in the last few years, our country is no longer immune to terrorists attacks.

Rather be alive and wrong than PC right and dead. The new laws of the land should be survival by any means. 

One of the major problems we have that is very counter-productive; the people at the top are grossly minimizing the terrorists situation. They are fools!!!!!!

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