Is it prof or professor? Is it teacher or teach?

University of Kansas professor placed on leave after using racial slur in class discussion:

These renegade/trouble makers are taking  over the colleges and the college administrators are letting them dick-tate to them.

It has become a new standard in our progressive society; in some of the halls of higher education  radical student are attempting to overthrow the  school’s systems of operation. They are looking for the least, what they consider the slightest little infraction, to force some of the facility to resign. The best part of it is, the colleges are bending to their demands.

Who is going to teach these pampered kids when all the teachers are gone.

I know for a fact that the students are not permitted in some schools to address the teachers as Mr., Miss or Mrs. becuase in the pea brains of the PC-ers that is being gender specific.  Take a pill and call me in about 40 years.

This is website is a small example of how far our cultured society has regressed.

In a conversation, the professor Dr. Andrea Quenette was having with her class she stated that; as a white woman I just never have seen the racism…It’s not like I see ‘Nigger’ spray painted on walls…” .


Does this women look like someone that has an axe to grind with the racial issues or someone that made a SLIGHT mistake in a conversation she was having with her class?

I will bet the house; the people that have demanded this lady step down have used the word nigger more times then Carter has liver pills.  Personally I find the word very offensive to the black people but nothing that would require a stigma be attached to a person resume for the rest of their life.

If the word is soooooooooooo offensive; the black community should demand that their own people be a little more selective in the conversations.

Do some of these radical raskells have some legitimate complaints? I would agree they may but no to the magnitude they have been so unjustly demonstrating.

It is a shame that the administrators at the colleges are bending over so far to accommodating to these students. They are opening a cans of worms and a precedent that will only get bigger and bigger or for the PC-eres; (or is it larger and larger)????

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1 Response to Is it prof or professor? Is it teacher or teach?

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Most people have no clue as to the origin of “Nigger”. It is from the english word “N-I-G-G-A-R-D”. What ships tie securing lines to at a wharf or pier. Niggards, are made from earth-cast pigiron. Extremely dense. Smack one with your hand and your palm and fingers will sting. I have slapped quite a few and know this. When African slaves were brought to America, when the slave did not move fast enough or moved in the wrong way or did not move at all, the Cracker, the man cracking the bull whip, would crack the whip but many did not respond. The Bull Doser, gave some a dose of the whip strong enough to kill a male bull. Today the strong move gave name to Bulldozer. Slaves were thought to be “dense”, or stupid, and the saying of being dense as a niggard. The English did not pronounce the “d”, and it became “niggar”. Problem is, the slaves were not stupid or dense, they were afraid. Mistreatment. Sold as cattle. African tribal kings sold many people because they could not feed the mass of humanity. Slaves knew nothing of this. They were seperated from family. The New World was a place with “ugly” men shouting in a foreign language. The slaves were not deaf.

    It also led up to… Slaves saving Christianity in America. Master, and many black people, considerably the men, carry DNA markers from England and Ireland. House girls, were accepted as sex items. Master’s wife, usually had “Nasty White Woman Syndrome”. Master made more slave babies, and crops were assured cared for. While this was going on, a slave got hold of “the Book”. Master did not read it, he was too busy with the house girl. The slave learned to form words. (American Bible Society prints Gulla Bible, from Gulla Island, S.C.). One day, a group of slaves gathers around the book reading slave and ask about “dem words”. The slave opens the book, and he starts reading, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and earth…” The printed word went through the eyes, into the brain, the lungs filled, voice box engaged. Words came out that others heard through their ears. Into the brain, and it manifested. All the slaves received the salvation of God. When a person receives the salvation of God, people can mistreat you, they can beat you, they can whip you, they can seperate you from your family and loved ones, BUT, they can never, ever, break you. The Bible says, that it is impossible to enslave a people more righteous than yourself. Christianity for a couple centuries, flourished, because of the African slaves belief. It was paid for, in their own blood, literally. This is why I cannot understand why black people would ever want to convert to Islam, that openly professes enslaving black people. Anyway, now you know about the word that people misuse.

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