Egyptian – Christian – billionaire hero – rolemodel

Fantasy island? Egyptian billionaire nears deal for Greek paradise to house refugees:

Now this is a hell of a guy!!!! Finally something decent to write about.


Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris is so generously coming closer to spending part of the billions he has for humanitarian purposes. He intends to relocate 100’s of 1,000’s of Syrian refugees onto an island he is going to buy, a paradise they can only exist in their wildest dreams.


The area Sawiris is considering  purchasing is loaded with an abundance of what Mother Nature has to offer, all kinds of sea life and olive trees.

He is going to build hospital, schools, road and all the necessities to make a new life for the war torn people. Hopefully he can scrutinize all of the potential inhabitants and weed out the riff-raff before settling them with the descent law abiding people.

The Island he is considering is Dulichium Island that is on the market for a mere $43 million. It is 1,335-acre island has 4,000 olive trees, according to a real estate listing.


Naguib Sawiris made his fortune in the telecom business. He is a Coptic Christian that obviously does not share some of the prejudices as many of the Muslims.

This guy is a shining example of what a humanitarian, decent, wealthy person can do with their money for the betterment of society; unlike some people that have no respect for their money.

Some wacked out oil sheik that had his bare ass hanging out of a window 40 years ago before they struck oil, bought a licence plate for 14.2 million dollars because it has a # 1 on it. His ride was just over 1 million.


Businessman Saeed Abdul Ghafour Khouri shelled out 52.2 dirham, which equates to more than $14.2 million to purchase a license plate with the number one. He ousted his relative from the top spot after less than on year and actually paid more for his one plate than his family member did for the second and third most expensive plates on this lit. Overall, it is the most expensive license plate of all time, surpassing a license plate in the United Kingdom that read “F1.”

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Personally I see this development as a monumental undertaking, especially that it is going to require all of the construction equipment and building material needing to be transported by boat. The project will probably take a few of years to construct.

The fact still remains, if Sawiris is serious (sort of has a ring to it) he will demonstrate what a good christian billionaire can do for his fellow man.

For that Sawiris gets 3 thumbs up.


There are a few more guys like him roaming around with bulging pockets. Let’s see if the get the drift.

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