Give me a F#*^% break doc

Psychiatrist In Jared Fogle Case Links Weight Loss And ‘Mild Pedophilia’

HOLLYWOOD, CA - JUNE 17:  Jared Fogle attends the premiere of Disney Pixar's "Monsters University" at the El Capitan Theatre on June 17, 2013 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Now this is one for the books. This psycho guy that calls himself a doctor has a new label for some people, I would guess mainly pedophiles that are on weight loss programs, the doc labeled the ex-sub-sandwich freak’s condition as hyper-sexuality.

It appears that the shrink guy claims, some people who are on a stringent weight loss program can develop this mental disorder.

Be careful out there all of crash dieters; you may be setting yourself up for turning into a little boy or little girl freak. How preposterous!!

In a phone interview with Dr. John Bradford, he told the Indianapolis Star that Fogle’s rapid weight loss could have been the trigger for his criminal activity.

Once he lost weight, it seemed as though in a short time he had hyper-sexuality. Bradford said. There are brain disorders that can be associated with sexual drive. 

I may agree that there are brain disorders that can be connected with sexual drive but I find it hard to believe that a crash diet can awake the sleep giant.

The doctor characterized Fogle as having “mild pedophilia,” due to his “mild or infrequent fantasies about pre-pubertal children” and interest in “older minors,” namely girls “14 to 17 years of age.”

Give me a f^$*)# break doc or is it dick. How many people on this planet went on or are on a crash diet and didn’t find themselves in a kid’s bathroom trying to molest them.

I personally think that many of these so called shrinks are nuttier than the people they are analyzing.


Take 2 ass burns and call me in a month!!

By the way; the ex-sub-sandwich dude got 15 years in the can. He better watch his can in the can!! Bubba and the boys are waiting for him. They love child-molester in prison and know just how to welcome them.

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