Let us resurrect patroitism

A friend of mine Russalino D. called me before and told me that he and a bunch of other veterans went to a restaurant yesterday (Veterans Day) for lunch. They are just a bunch of old Jocks that get together from time to time; yesterday happened to be one of those days

All of the guys are in there late sixties, early seventies and one in his eighties. Some of them had on their military paraphernalia on from the branch they served in, Marine Corps, Navy, Army, buttons, hats, sweatshirts; just a group of guys getting together for lunch and to tell war stories.

Out of the clear blue sky, some young guy in his forties walks over put a $50 bill on the table and thanks all of the guys for their service.  The young man was not looking for any recognition or thanks, just a person that appreciates his freedom and wanted to show his gratitude to some men that served. All of the vets were very surprised and grateful.

As the old Jocks were getting ready to leave, their waitress came over to the table and told them that a lady that was sitting in front of the restaurant gave her a $100 bill for the guys check and walked out, no name or anything.

It is very rewarding to see that there are some people left in this country that appreciate the sacrifices that are military people have given for their country.

Happy Veterans Day to all of those that served before, continued to serve and put their life online for this great country we live in. Let us do our best to keep it great.

One of the things that disturbs the hell out of me about some of the freeloading citizens of the United States is their lack of patriotism. I am not talking about picking up the checks for servicemen or vets, I am talking about the lack of loyalty and respect for the country in which they live. So many of our ignorant citizens do not fully realized what their freedoms are all about and what extraordinary sacrifices that the men and women in all armed forces have given so they could live with freedom and in freedom.

I would love to see patriotism reignited in the hearts and souls of all the citizens in this country, just not at the time of disaster or catastrophes, that is usually the case, but to be maintained on at constant level.

Like all of these character traits and personalities kids should develop as they are growing up, patriotism is very important but seems to have been left out along the way.  It should be developed when a person is young and the parents in this country should be responsible for the education of their kids in these areas.

The major problem is; many of the parents themselves where not taught in that manner, so how can they pass on what they learned to their kids. I always said if you have an ugly Ma Ma, you are going to be ugly toooo!!  If a kids ignorant parents don’t demonstrate some loyalty and respect to their country, chances are, neither will their brats.

When we see politicians and people of authority in colleges and in learning institutions that disrespect their flag and what it stands for, how else are young people supposed to develop the proper mindset?

Patriotism should not be a part time undertaking but a full time responsibility.

When someone goes to a movie theater and the movie is bad they get up and leave. When someone eats out and the food is bad, they leave the restaurant. The same should apply to the dissidents in this country. You don’t like what is on the menu, get you ass out of our country.

Though they years the ultra liberal/PC-ers community have tried to drive our country into the ground and the silent majority has sat back on their lazy asses and let them do it.  The silent majority has become a doormat for all of the PC-ers.


Here is one prime example out of thousands:


I heard Dr. Ben Carson on the radio this morning refer to the as PC police. Very good term.

One way to increase the patriotism in our country is to make military service mandatory for men and women. Join the service or spend 4 years in the slams.

Why the hell do places like in Israel, China – Japan – Russia where people have such a strong respect for their country and governments; because they were taught from infancy to respect and appreciate what they have.

There can be a happy medium established between ruling with and iron fist and being a democracy.

We have professors in or schools, people in places of responsibility and bums in our government sets terrible examples for our kids and have capitulated to the will of the PC police.

Is it unbelievable that kids in some schools in the USA, where they are not allowed to say the word God, salute the flag, say the national anthem, wear patriotic shirts or hats because of the schools bending over for some PC crackpots?  These are the people that are supposed to be entrusted with educated our kids, not brainwash them. Get a set of balls you bunch of pathetic principles and start showing the USA the respect it deserves.

Do we have problems in some areas?  Absolutely and they do need to be corrected but that does not constitute disrespecting what the USA used to symbolize.

In a little bit of a stretch; the PC police (tks Doc) can be compared to ISIS. They are not satisfied that each and every person on this planet should have the liberty to make their own decisions and conduct their lives as they see fit; these Gestapo Storm-troopers want to control everyone’s thoughts and actions by turning them around to their ideologies.

To me that is a lot of       mi

What the real solution to our patriotism crisis?  It is a very complex undertaking that I don’t know if it can ever be turned around but we can not quit trying through, as I have stressed so many time, by education and examples.

The silent majority better get their little lily white/black/yellow asses in gear and make a move. That PC snowball is rolling down that hill and picking up momentum with every turn. Aren’t your cheeks sore yet by now from getting slapped around all the time?

Go out and hug a serviceman/women today and next time you see a vet, just smile, say hello and thanks.



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