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Businessman is first American detained by Iran since nuclear deal:

I have said it so many times that my jaw is getting sore. Once anyone allows a bully to kick their ass and they do not fight back; they might as well give the bully an autographed baseball bat with their name in it. There will be many more beatings to come.

A fourth Iranian-American Siamak Namazi, a 40-year-old Dubai-based businessman has been arrested by Iranian security forces as the Islamic Republic; naturally on some trumped up charges.


Namazi and his family have been working for years trying to improve relations between Iran and the USA. Does look they have made much headway.

All of this nonsense that Iran is pulling on Turn the other Cheek USA is just a gigantic ball busting contest just to see how far they can goat the ever powerful USA and continue to get away with it.

They have our number and are using that baseball bat every chance they get.

What does it take before a country losses all of it’s dignity??

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