His bark was silenced

German-born rapper turned ISIS ‘poster boy’ reported killed in US airstrike:


There seems to be an old say or cliche for just about everything.

Here are a couple that come to mind that fit this renegade very well. Be careful of what you wish for – couldn’t happen to a better person!!

Denis Deso Dogg Cuspert, a well-known rapper from Germany decided in 2012 that he didn’t like his day job spinning plastic and was discontent with the way society around him was functioning. He decided to do something about it. Wrong choice Denny!! We can say the lad had a bone to pick with the rest of the world and lost.


Cuspert left Germany for Egypt, before eventually making his way to Syria where he joined Al Qaeda. When Islamic State broke away from the terror group behind 9/11, Cuspert pledged his loyalty to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Now the poetic part. On Oct. 17 2015 Deso The Dog Dog had eaten his last biscuit.  He was riding in a car with two of his compatriots when they was turned to ash by a USA bomb. He was considered a very high target in the ISIS group because of his celebrity.

So far, there have not been any reports coming back from Deso in Muslim Heaven as to how many virgins are really waiting for him.

The way I see it; we better get all of our paybacks here on earth because that is all there is.

What the hell motivates certain people into a life of violence and their undying determination to change by force everyone in the world to conform to way of life is a mystery to me. There has to be more to it.  True religious people do not behave in such a despicable manner. Gotta be big $$$$$$$ somewhere.

As far as The Dog is concerned; he got what he wished for.

Commander and Chief

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