Winning at all costs – a very sick prick

Diabolical fan blinds Wayne Rooney with laser pointer before crucial penalty kick:

Some very sick prick in the UK took the winning of a sporting event to a whole new sadistic low level.

Two teams, the Manchester United and Middlesbrough were playing a very tough championship match that ended in an astounding  0 – 0 tie.

Because it was a championship game the match went into overtime. Captain Wayne Rooney was going for a goal in OT and missed the decisive spot kick.


When the videos were checked after the game, the officials noticed a green light that was shined into Rooney’s eyes as he attempted to make the goal. Naturally he missed.

It was the same kind of blinding light that blinded the Russian’s goalkeeper in a 2010 championship game. Maybe the same maggot.

The laser maggot must have had a heavy wager on the game to take a chance of blinding someone for the sake of a shillings or is it euro. But I guess when you are a maggot – prick; you don’t have a conscience anyway.


I would like to let my pet Bosco find the guy and settle up with him. Bosco knows exactly where the laser would fit very uncomfortably.

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