Who is the fool now CNBC??

CNBC and it’s anchors (appropriately named for pulling the manner in which they pulled their network down to the bottom of the ocean last night) really made fools of themselves try to play a game of GOTCHA in the Republican debates.

I am not sure that all anchors from all networks are as hungry for notoriety or attention that they are so obsessed with trying to bring down and shaming the person they are GRILLING.  Last nights debate was not an interview it is more like an intervention, trying to drag the devil out of their subjects.

Instead of focusing on the issues that plague this country, the anchors were digging into the candidates personal lives to excess.

Naturally the public should be informed if one of the participants is a drug pusher or pedophile but to attempt to assassinate someones personal character/habits all in an effort to try and score points is unacceptable.

The debate last night did not resemble the democratic debate at all. The media for the most part is fearful of the Clinton-machine.

CNN Politics 

The biggest loser in debates last night were the interviewers instead of the candidates.

I could not have described it any better myself than CNN has in the following:

The network and its hosts on Wednesday took more incoming than anyone on stage as candidates from Cruz to Carson slammed the moderators for questions they deemed unfair. Even the audience got in on the act.

The moderators repeatedly looked to corner the candidates on unseemly skeletons from their past, but the candidates would have none of it — rallying together to slam the moderators’ questions and the mainstream media overall.

As moderator Carl Quintanilla continued to press Carson on his association with a controversial nutritional supplement company, asking if it speaks “to your vetting process or judgment in any way,” the audience erupted in boos.

“See? They know,” a vindicated Carson said.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus took to the spin room as soon as the debate concluded to pan CNBC and the moderators’ performance, saying the network “should be ashamed” of its handling of the third GOP debate.

“I was very disappointed in the moderators. I’m disappointed in CNBC,” he said. “I thought they would bring forward a pretty fair forum here tonight. But I think it was one gotcha question, one personal low blow after another.”

Chris Christie even said jokingly;  the way the anchors are conducted the interviews, it would be considered illegal eve in New Jersey. No that is saying something.

This type of shabby professionalism is just an example of how far some of the networks will go for ratings.

Personally I could care less about which one of the candidates, either democrat or republican, white – black – yellow or green  wins the election, as long (and it is a big as long as) the winner is a solid patriot – not one that has sold their souls or can be bought from the highest bidder – one that is going to get American back where it used to be in the worlds standings –  someone with honor and integrity and someone that can back up their rhetoric with actions.  That just about eliminates all of them.

America better get it right this time around. If the next person to fill the Big Chair does not have their shit together; the USA will be dust in the wind.

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