Talk about an expensive flight!!!!

The Houston Texans sure hit Ryan Mallett in the head with a mallet; obviously because he is not a team player and it cost the dude plenty.

mlp mle

Because Ryan elected to book his own airline flight instead of slumming it on the team plane with the other players that follow the rules; his boss shit-canned the marginal quarterback when he was a no show. That little flight plan change cost the lad $562,500 ($62,500 per game) when they showed him the exit door.

Lets face it. If he was the starting quarterback and the teams super-star, the outcome would not have been so severe. We have to be smart enough to realize, when someone is looking for an excuse to give us the boot; you better mind your P’s & Q’s and be on your best behavior.

By the looks of it, it doesn’t appear that many other teams are breaking this guy door down to sign him.

Why would anyone want to pay for a flight if they could fly free on a team plane. Maybe he was shacking up with one of the team groupies and lost track of time.

If the guy is just a non-conformist he better re-access himself. This little blunder sure cost him a bundle.

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