S.C. woman escapes rape by biting off her attacker’s tongue

What some little lady did to this scumbag while he was attempting to rape her was enough to make this thugs hair stand up (as you can see in his class reunion yearbook) and is something he may not or can not talk about. She bit off his tongue when he stuck that nasty thing in her mouth during a rape attempt. Good for her.


This over sexed, horny, violent bastard Antoine Miller, 16 has been charged as an adult on individual burglary, weapons possession, kidnapping, assault and criminal sexual conduct counts. Miller is being held on $500,000 and has yet to appear before a judge to enter a plea, according to court records.

I can just hear his ambulance chaser make a plea for him of not guilty. He can’t speak for himself.

According to Miller’s arrest report, the alleged ( I hate the word alleged they used when these scumbag are caught red handed or in this case red tongued)  victim told police that she awoke to a knock at her front door on the morning of October 16th. She opened her door, but no one was there. After returning to bed, she allegedly heard a second knock. She said that again, she answered the door, but there was again no one there.

On the third knock Miller was standing in front of the door.  Miller forced his way into her house.

Miller tackled her to the floor and punched her in the face repeatedly. She said she struggled with Miller, who allegedly (again) told her, Stop fighting and I won’t hurt you. He allegedly (again) wanted to know where her bed was and picked her up, placed her over his shoulder and took her through her house to the bedroom.

Miller dropped the woman on the bed and started pulling the woman’s shorts off when she kicked him in the groin, continuing to resist. In response, Miller told her, Now, you have to die. That would be the last intelligible statement the thug would be making for a long time.

The woman told detectives that at this point, Miller moved in closer, and shoved his tongue down in her mouth. The woman said she bit his tongue as hard as she could until she heard it snap. She said she had bitten Miller’s tongue off completely, the report states. Good for her. It is too bad she didn’t have a gun so she could have shot off Mr. Jones and company, then put one in between his eyes.

The cops caught the scumbag hiding in a Waffle house about five miles away. I don’t what the hell he was doing there, he couldn’t eat without a tongue.

According to the latest reports; the doctors are (allegedly) trying to sew his nasty tongue back in his nasty mouth.

It was not too many years ago in the USA when rapists were given the death penalty. With the permissive society we have today, for the courts a rape is just another day in the park. Many times they attempt to blame the victim instead of the perpetrator.

Even if it is a hooker – if she does not want to give it up, it should be considered rape.

I will wager a good amount of $$$$ that this piece of garbage will never forget that day for the rest of his life. Although he may not want to talk about it.

The thug better not eat ribs for a while, that is if he can eat; he won’t be-able to lick the sauce off of his chin.

It is of the utmost importance that the courts make examples out of the people with very stiff sentences and possibly bring back the death penalty for rape. The ladies in this country need to be protected from thugs like this.

As grotesque and offensive this may sound to some more timid people what this lady did to this thug was a matter of self-preservation. There is a good chance that if the thug succeeded with the rape, he may have killed her after the act.

Being in control no matter what the circumstances are is an absolute must. Break down and cry after the fact.

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