Here we go again

UPDATE: 1650 hrs 10-27-15

It appears that officer Ben The Slammer Fields has a history of being a nasty cop. There have been several lawsuits in his past regarding excessive force that should have raised a lot of questions before he was hired in Richland County as a sheriff deputy.

These are very sensitive times we live in for all races and the authorities should use extreme measures before putting a badge and a gun in some nut-case’s hands.

Richland County Sheriff's Department Officer Senior Deputy Ben Fields is pictured with Karen Beaman (R), Principal of Lonnie B. Nelson Elementary School after receiving Culture of Excellence Award at Lonnie B. Nelson Elementary School in Columbia, South Carolina on November 12, 2014. A South Carolina sheriff has asked federal authorities to investigate Field's arrest of a high school student, after video showed him slamming the girl to the ground and dragging her across a classroom.   REUTERS/Richland County Sheriff's Department/Handout    FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS. THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY. IT IS DISTRIBUTED, EXACTLY AS RECEIVED BY REUTERS, AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS


Outrage after South Carolina officer throws, arrests student in classroom:

There is definitely something wrong with people like this cop.

Initially when I saw this video it was not detectable as to whether it was a male or female that was roughed up by this nit-wit cop.  Now that we know it was a female, in my opinion it makes the matter a lot worse.

As the video shows, the girls chair was tipped over and she was slammed to the floor by this enraged cop all because she refused to leave the classroom. The student was asked numerous times before to leave by the teacher and principle but she refused. The reason for the request is not clear.

There are several ways the cop could have handled the situation without going ballistic on the girl.

Was it a racial thing as I am sure many people are going to try and insist? I don’t think so. Cops like this wild-man go wacky regardless of who they are dealing with.

I guess I may be a little naive to think that based on the ongoing relationship we have between the cops and the rest of society these days, they would be a little more discrete on how overzealous they become handling their jobs.

Although it should not have any bearing on this situation; this cop may have been in a similar encounter before this or was stressed out over something else. It is not a very easy job to maintain when they are constantly; under the gun.

The people that criticize the cops should walk in their shoes for a few days to witness first hand the abuse some of them are force to take but still asked maintain their composure and professionalism. Especially now when some crazy factions have a price on their heads.

I used to think there was an answer to all of the problems we face in life; only to finally realize that there isn’t.

It really is a shame for all sides concerned.

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