He got a lot of balls

Glenn Berger is no dummy. He was an part-time unemployed,  golf ball thief, stealing balls that were driven into the lakes on courses and abandon. To get by and keep the wolf away from his door he was  sell the abandon balls back to the golf courses.

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Over a period of fourteen years, Berger has made $15 million diving for golf balls. That is very hard to believe but true.

He estimates personally retrieving 1.3 to 1.7 million balls per year, which he then cleans and sells back to golf courses at about $1 each.

As as the old saying goes; where there is a will there usually is a dead person, does not always apply. Berger is living quite comfortable on his retrieved balls.

When some guy in a local bar struck up a conversation Burger, he asked what he did for a living. Burger told him; I wash my balls all day.  The inquisitive stranger replied; don’t they get sore after awhile? 

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