VA; what’s the problem??

Bill’s wife: hey, that VA scandal wasn’t that big of a deal:

Here we go again; The Queen of Mean had more relatives then she knew about.


Leona’s long lost cousin, Bill’s wife, made a highly preposterous and ignorant statement on MSNBC this morning that is indicative of her effervescent, all giving and caring personality when she said hey, that VA scandal wasn’t that big of a deal. It is no secret that she has little regard for the military

It appears that Bill wife maybe one of the very few people on this planet that does not see a problem with the VA hospitals; that is, except the VA itself.

I would suggest to her that the next time she has a medical emergency, she should make an appointment and possibly if they do not lose the requisition and cover it up, they may get to her in about 7 or 8 months. By that time that boil will be a big as a bowling ball.

Who else but a callous person could have such a nonchalant opinion about the deplorable condition of some VA hospitals and their procedures. They have been in the dumps for many years. This same person, if elected, heaven help us, is the one that will be holding the purse string as to what should be done about the VA’s current conditions. If she doesn’t see anything wrong with their current status, why would she feel compelled to fix anything?

Bill’s wife is making the VA issue into a political thing blaming the republicans by saying they are embellishing the problems to make the present administration look bad.  They don’t need any additional help with that.

There is a very old saying I love that can be a solution to many of the difficulties we have in this country; it is called equality. The old saying goes; what is good for the goose should be good for the gander!

Why is it that virtually none of the government programs the LITTLE PEOPLE have to live by or under; do the politicians have to live with? They all have separate plans designed specifically for their comfort and welfare.

If Bill’s wife and the rest of the democrats and or part of the republicans think that the health care system with the VA is a stellar organization, why don’t they have it as their health provider?

If we want to believe what she says; all of the horrible statistics and sad stories we have heard by the vets and their families in the last few years are all lies. Judge for yourself.

It is normal when someone is running for political office to bad mouth or to try and discredit their opponents trying to get a political leg up on them but to minimize the dilemma in an organization such as the VA by blaming the other political party is about as low as the dirt game of politics can go.



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