God helps those who help themselves – not United Airlines

United Airlines apologizes after disabled man crawls off flight:

Big deal. They should fly this guy anywhere he has to go free for life.

Through the years, the Friendly Skies of United Airlines have become less and less friendly.

Years back when flying became a necessity for doing business and a quick way to get somewhere; when the airlines were hungry for making a $$$$, it was a little different story.

They used to stand on their heads trying to make their customers happy with free drinks, decent food, courteous attendants’ and all around good service.

Now that the industry has a lock on world travel; unless a person is foolish enough to take that 3rd rated Amtrak somewhere like Chris Get off of your phone Christi, just about everyone flies where ever they go.


It can be compared to when 2 people that just start dating. The gal puts her best foot forward, wears the nicest cloths when they date, cooks to goof a homemade dinner once and awhile, hold hands when they walk and does everything right to please her new companion.

The guy shaves all the time, brings his lady flowers when they go somewhere, compliments the hell out of her and makes her fell loved all the time.

As they get accustom to each-other; they start to take one another one for granted. She puts on weight, starts making the goof TV dinners once and awhile if he is lucky, walks 10 paced behind him when they are out. With the guy; he quits shaving and hitting the rain room regularly, the flowers and compliments stop coming and he barley talks to the lady. The honeymoon is over. A new broom always sweeps a lot cleaner then after it is broke in. 

That is the same thing applies to the airlines; their honeymoon with the passengers is over. The drinks stopped being free, the meals turned into an air fill bag with 6 pretzels in it, some of the attendants have a personality like a piranha, they charge for a pillows – blankets – extra leg room – can’t even change a seat to an empty one without a hassle and they hired a guy that was the head of a sardine factory to figure out the seating layout.

So does it surprise me that a disable man named D’Arcee Neal, who has cerebral palsy, had to crawl off the plane because they forget to provide him with a wheel chair? Hell no.


Neal took a five-hour flight from San Francisco to Washington last week. When the plane landed there was supposed to be a wheel chair waiting for him. He had to exit the plane ASAP because he had to use the restroom. Because of his condition he was unable to use the phone booth sized restroom on the plane.

After waiting 15 minutes he could not hang on any longer, he crawled out of his seat, up the aisle, up the walkway. Naturally not one of the busy self-centered passengers or crew offered to assist him. I would have made sure that Neal was carried if necessary to get him to the rest room.

This is just a sign of the times where it is ever man for them-self. Passengers on airlines are not human beings anymore,  just $$$$ signs to them. There may be some that are a little more conscience than others but this behavior has become a trait of the industry. .

As far as passengers getting involved in helping the man; I think it is pathetic that no one helped this man. Can’t get that suit wrinkled, I know.

What the hell ever happened to people looking out for the other guy?  I know, they were all texting someone as soon as the plane landed.



Put away those monster that have consumed your life for 5 minutes and look around you. You just stepped over your dead Ma Ma’s body.

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