Very close family

Police: Son kept mom’s body in motel for weeks after killing her

This dude Charles Cole and his wacked out wife take the old cliche being a close family to new depths.


Police say this sicko Charles Cole strangled his 76-year-old mother, then kept her body with him and his wife in their motel room for seven weeks before he dumped her remains.

Chances are the ambulance chasers are lining up to jump on the bandwagon; they love cases like this.


To start with, they will plea; Chuck was abused when he was a kid, he got his ass kicked every day in school, he wet the bed until he 18 and his parents voted democrat twice. All of that negativity should be grounds enough to get this fruit cake off with 120 days house arrest.

If his old man has enough money, they may-be able to use the affluenza plea??

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