1 dead, 3 wounded in shooting at Northern Arizona University:

I can only say WOW!!!!

How many people have to be killed or wounded before the scholars and politicians follow my good and others in the know, sensible advice and put up metal detectors and QUALIFIED armed guards at the entrances to these schools and possibly roaming the campuses if necessary. A demented killer doesn’t have to gain entry to a building to get his rocks off killing people.

I am not talking about a mall guard that has one bullet in his pocket so he does shoot himself or an innocent victim; legitimate qualified guards.

They always talk about the cost. How much is a human life worth? Do they think this is not going to continue and even escalate?

These are conditions that have change the rules in the book. We have to adapt to the tragic times we are living if we want to see the sun rise.

What it is going to have to take place is, some kid that is related to a big shot that gets shot before there is any action taken.

Wake up scholars and politicians, this is a new day and we need new measures to exist safely. There are 1,000’s of these wack jobs waiting in the wings with loaded weapons, ill attitude and evil on their minds.

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