Jesse James vouching for Doc Holiday

Bill Clinton on email scrutiny: ‘I’ve never seen so much expended on so little’:

Possibly the big guy is missing the point. It is not the email or any other shenanigan she pulled; it is lies that she continues to spew out that the GOOD American people want a truthful answer to. Her staunch followers could care less about the truth.

Back in the day when most people had scruples, pride and dignity, some of the politicians that represented us were beyond reproach.  Not so today. Anytime any organization has an 82% disapproval rating; I would say it is pathetic.

Let’s face it; politicians have the perfect out for their lack of performance or their mistakes. They have the slackers on the other side of the isle to blame. Every-time their feet are put to the fire, all they do is blame the other side for lack of being productive. The other side reverses the blame game when it falls on them.

It looks like they had another productive year. October 1st is the deadline for the politicians to come up with a budget/financial plan to keep the country going. It doesn’t look like they will make this deadline either.

Naturally; they don’t have to worry about their pay checks being cut off, they made sure that wouldn’t happen last year when held a special vote to protect themselves.  I know that most of them are living check to check.


Back to Wild Bill defending his wife and the predicaments she has created; it just goes to show us the arrogance the Clintons’ have who think they can walk on water.

Wild Bill vouching for his wife is like Jesse James going to court with Doc Holiday as a character witness.

Naturally; a guy that got away with what he has since he has been in politics, has no concept of right from wrong, at least in his world.

WB should have been shown the exit door from Pennsylvania after his stunt with Monica Lewinsky; there are no two ways about it.  Talk about a bold-faced lie.

As I said about Jeb Bush a few days ago referring to him defending his bro GWB. A smart person would know that silence is golden. 

I better cut this post short; I need to go back to work!!!!

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