Do these people have a heart or soul????

Planned Parenthood

How can any normal human-being with any conscience at all look at these undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood officials making deals to sell body part of a fetus and justify or deny it?

According to some reports, there have been incident where a premature baby was live and kicking when these procedures were done.  The butchers of these babies claim that the videos were taken out of context and edited to make them look bad?

I don’t see a gun to this doctors head when she is eagerly negotiating prices with the undercover reporter. How can they deny they are in the business of selling body parts when it is on video? I guess it like some politicians; deny deny until it finally goes away.

These pirates of body parts are about as low as anyone can sink. I don’t care what party affiliation a person has, what race or religion they are, what their nationality is; they are scum. Anyone that approves of this barbarism is as bad as the people performing the procedures and are very sick, greed driven person.

This may be the most reprehensible way of making a buck I ever heard of.

If there is a hell after death; Satan will be there with open arms waiting for them.



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