Pope Francis is a good man and a true believer

Based on all outward appearances Pope Francis is the real deal. I want to believe that he is a good man and different from all of his predecessors.


Years back I had a great deal of respect for Pope John Paul and thought he was a HELL of a person. Only to find out that he was one of the people that was instrumental in covering up the pedophile situation the church had hidden for so many centuries.

Whether Pope Francis was compelled to address these despicable crimes against children under duress or not is not completely known. I would like to think that he made his move because he thought it is the right thing to do.

Mostly all of the issues that Pope Francis has touched on in his speeches are a mixture of spiritual and humanitarian and require the cooperation of all of mankind in order to make a change. That I do not see happening.

His speeches are definitely inspiring but require the collaboration of everyone in the world to make them work. Again, I don’t see this happening.  There is too much of a power struggle, greed and corruption in this world to make an about face.

My answer to the problems of the world still remains; a stable united family and EDUCATION. Without those 2 elements in place, all the prayers I the world will go unanswered.

It has to be the responsibility of all the parents in the world to set an example for their kids, shepard them – raise them to be respectful – honest solid citizens and only then will we turn a corner.

As far as world peace goes. The terrorists that the world is dealing with only understand one thing and that certainly is not prayers. They have to be dealt with on a level that they understand.

I wish Pope Francis good health and great success as the leader of the Roman Catholic Church. By what I can see, his intentions are very admirable.

Side note:

While in the USA Pope Francis canonized Junipero Serra a Spanish missionary that came to California 250 years ago to help out native Americans. 

Many of the ancestors of the Indians he was supposed to help have nothing bad grades for the missionary.

Deborah Miranda a professor at Washington University wrote;  My objection and the objection of many California Indians is that he is being honored for in fact dishonoring many of our California ancestors. The missions ended up killing about 90% of the California Indians present at the time of missionization, creating all kinds of cultural and emotional baggage that we still carry to this day, Miranda said. It’s not a question of attacking the Catholic Church or attacking Pope Francis. It’s about making sure that the truth is heard and that injustices are not continued on into the 21st century.

Obviously all of the resentment from the Indian population fell on Pope Francis’s deaf ears.

Here we are again with some sort of controversy surrounding the Catholic Church.

What and who do we really believe? There are no eye witnesses to the events, just hearsay.

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