Korrupte Regierungsbeamte

German ministers were reportedly warned of VW test-beating software:

Who is the bigger criminal; the offender/lawbreaker or the people that covers it up? I say they are equally as guilty.

In this case it appears that some heads of the German government agencies knew that VW was breaking the law by deliberately doctored up their emission software to give positive readings.


It may be a poor comparison but; who is the bigger culprit in the pedophile scandal in the Catholic Church, the degenerate pedophile or their protectors?

In VW’s case there is a double act of collusion. VW’s officials knew about the problem and covered it up for the sake of the Euro and some German government officials knew of the problem and most probably were in bed with VW”s honchos collecting their hush money to keep it quiet.

To add to their deception, as recent as last April, VW sent letters to people in the USA telling them to take their cars for repair. VW  stating that the new software would ensure emissions were optimized and operating efficiently.


It very difficult to understand the mentality of supposedly intelligent people. If the problem was address in its infancy, it may have cost a few hundred Euros per vehicle to remedy. Now that they let it escalate to this point, not only is it going to cost VW substantially more to fix each vehicle, there is talk they may never recover financially from this act of deliberate covering up the problem. We do not even want to mention the damage it did to their credibility.

Just in the USA, the EPA said VW may be subject to 18 billion dollars in penalties.

Let us wait and see how the wheels of justice roll in Germany if they are going to convict their own people in government that knew of a problem and turned a blind eye to it.

It is very hard to fathom that they thought they could get away with such an enormous problem.

Why did VW attempt to pull this scam? For the same reason the Catholic religion did; it is all about the money.

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