Paul Revere in Chinese – 中国人来了

Satellite images suggest China ‘building third airstrip’ in South China Sea:

I did a post quite a while ago about China building the biggest aircraft carrier in the world. I know that did it for a reason.

Now the leaders in the Land of Chop Suey are constructing a 3rd airport in the South China Sea. I would be tend to believe that they have a military purpose for it.  Maybe not be today or tomorrow but the day is coming.

Biggest aircraft carrier in the world – 3rd airport, beefing up the military, plus, plus, plus, USA cutting back;  hellooooooo!!


Ladies and germs; these people are very shrewd and do not make many moves without a specific purpose in mind.


Google News – Nov 25, 2012 @ 9:31

China lands jet on carrier for the first time:

Beijing: China has conducted the first landing of a fighter jet on its new aircraft carrier in a move that extends Beijing’s ability to project its growing military might in territorial disputes.

The question is; what does China consider territorial? How far do they believe their territory extends; to the shore of the USA?

Put it all together folks. The USA is cutting its military budget (big mistake) and China just built one of the biggest aircraft carriers on the planet.


One of the primary rules of battle is “there are no rules” in battle. Win at all costs and anyway you can! Secondly: whether it is a one on one combat situation or an all-out war; always attack your adversary at their weakest point.

God made men’s testicles for two reasons. First to make babies and then to be the primary target in a fight. Right now the USA has its testicles hanging out there ready to be kicked.

With the way the USA is stretched out all over the world, where we don’t belong in the first place and the financial situation we are in, I would have to conclude that the USA is absolutely not as strong as we used to be; technologically yes but over-all no.

If we are not and we should be; the USA better keep their “eye in the sky” focused in an Easterly direction.

No one or no country should ever think they are invincible. Arrogance and complacency are killers.


Do these military related scenarios tell any of the rocket scientists in DC anything?  While the USA is cutting their military, the dudes is the Land of Vodka and One Hung Low are beefing theirs up???

WTF fellas; does someone have to drop a bomb on your head before you can see the forest without the trees in the way.

Yesteryear, the only reason that no country in the world would dare tamper with the USA is because of the strength of its armed services; which includes everything from weapons to our natural resources. That is history; just read the news.

The most advantageous time to attack an opponent is when they are at their weakest. How good of a shape is the USA in?

Not only are we cutting the military to the nubs but we are opening the immigration flood gates. A great number of these people that are gaining access to the country are not someone that Lucy would want to bring home to meet her daddy.

I have no reservations in helping people. What I do object to is giving all my food to strangers and seeing my kids starving. Is that cold-hearted? Not where I come from; it is called self-preservation.

Because of the corrupted governments in some countries it is affecting all of their citizens. I can guarantee that the countries leaders, their families and close allies are not missing a meal.

The major problem we have with our decision makers; the politicians are only in there for themselves and what they can connive out of the system.  They forget that they were elected to serve the American people and insure the safety of this country.

The majority of the politicians have such tunnel vision and all they can see what is happening tomorrow and next week. They do not care about 10 – 15 years down the road.

As an example; if they did care about the long range security of this country, they would never have consented to the conditions in the one sided/lopsided Iran nuclear deal. Not to mention many other issue like it, such as cutting the military when everyone else in the world is building theirs up.  They remind me of bunch of junkies. All they are concerned with is their next high and are not considering the long range consequence of their actions.

China is one of the major stock holders in the US economy. The latest statistics indicate the USA owes China about 1.5 trillion dollars. Not an M – not a B but a big T, trillion.  As the USA gets militarily weaker, China and Russia get a lot stronger. Does that send up a red flag? Evidently not.

Someday they just may sail that brand new aircraft carrier they have tied up at one of their new bases on a voyage across the pond to collect what is owed to them.  Never say never; they may just team up with The Judo Guy. Strangers things have happened.

There is a very important element that the leaders of this country have forgotten or were never schooled in. The people that we are dealing with do not operate under the same mentality level as we do.  The are hardened, cold, calculated, sometimes savage people that will do anything to win. The only thing they know about PC in their country is that it is a Personnel Carrier. 

Think we are not dealing with lunatics; look at Kim Jing Jang Jong in North Korea. This guy kills relatives for the sport of it.

Open your eyes fellas and gals of DC before you can’t.  Remember one very important thing when it come to self-preservation. No one but the USA gives another country 6 months notice that they are coming to kick their ass. Remember Pearl Harbor.

A few years back no one in this country could ever envision what is happening in this country in the way of terrorism and many social problems. The USA is no longer immune.

The condition of this country can be compared to a very slow growing cancer. Little by little the government has given our country away.  That is not just the fault of Obama, it has been bad decision making by many presidents.

No one really notice the evolution of the cancer because it was so subtle but little at a time it is taking over and their is not much anyone can do under the present mindset of our leaders.  I really don’t know whose side they are on. Patriotic, intelligent, world-wise or street-smart people would not make such foolish decisions as they do.

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