Nice little doggy – hungry for an arm or leg?

This is an example of how docile pit bulls are.

A couple of months I did a post on how out of control and vicious pit bulls are. One of the readers chimed in and chew my ass out like only a pit bull would, defending the reputation and honor of the critters.

I wonder how the critic would have liked being the recipient of these dog affection?

Judge for yourself.

Down with the pit bulls

2-year-old boy killed by pit bulls at baby sitter’s house:When are these “screwball” pit bull owners/lovers in this world ever going to wake up to the fact that these dogs were breed for only one thing and one thing only; that is killing.

A 2-year-old Arizona boy has died after being mauled by a trio of pit bulls at his baby sitter’s house, police say.

First of all; any parent that would bring their kid to a house where three were pit bulls living has to have rocks in their head.

96                        94

A special needs toddler and his four siblings were at the baby sitter’s house on Sunday morning when three of the dogs in the house began fighting. The toddler got in the middle of the dog fight;  all three killer dogs turned on the child, attacked and killed him.

The 28-year-old baby sitter suffered cuts to her arms, legs and hands as she tried to pull the dogs off him police said.

That is one breed of animal that should be exterminated and would not be sorely missed by  many people.

How many people have to get maimed and killed by these beasts before they are outlawed.

Next time you see someone walking a pit bull, I would bet 10 – 1 that they have a spiked collar around their neck. Does that tell you something??

Here is a little history of the ferocious animals.

Commander and Chief

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