Get out the space suits


Journeys with germs: What are the dirtiest things on an airplane?

Better bring the Handy Wipes and Lysol spray on your next flight. There are millions of invisible germs waiting to do a Pearl Harbor on you.

hhh       lll

Buy the two pack, they are cheaper.

After stacking up all the hassles of flying these days; potential terrorism –  long lines in security – rude, drunk passengers – pissed off attendants (who can blame them)  – cut backs on all the goodies that made flight more tolerable – standing line line to use the head – sitting next to some buffalo that should have bought two seats – cramped seating – screaming kids that have parents who are using ear plugs and have blinders on – stale air that is not refreshed, just circulated – now we have a few other hazards when taking to the skies.

Listed are the 6 dirtiest place on an airplane.

1) Tray table: 2,155 CFU/sq. in.

2) Drinking fountain buttons: 1,240 CFU/sq. in.

3) Overhead air vents: 285 CFU/sq. in.

4) Lavatory flush buttons: 265 CFU/sq. in.

5) Seatbelt buckles: 230 CFU/sq. in.

6) Bathroom stall locks: 70 CFU/sq. in.

It is no wonder that every time I come back from a long trip (3 hrs. or longer) I usually get sick for a week.

Airborne is a good combatant to use, that is if you remember to bring it.


I would think that under these unhealthy circumstances, the airline would take the time to spray/disinfect these areas after each flight.

As bad/cheap as the airline have become; if they could figure out how to charge for the millions of germs that the passengers are getting for free on their air planes, they would start charging for them.

Better yet, to be on the safe side, break out the old space suit for complete protection. Can’t be too safe these days.  Don’t forget to leave the ray- gun at home.  It will never make it past the sleeping TSA agents or maybe it would.

mmm                                  rr


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