The Silent Majority are weaklings

The heading of this post makes me sound like Eric (whats his name) when he said that Americans are a bunch of cowards. I have a little different take on it.

There was an old rule of thumb or fist if you will when I was growing up. If someone got their ass kicked and they didn’t even attempt to defend them-self, even if it meant getting beat, they  became fair game for every bully in the neighborhood.

This is exactly what is happening to the Silent Majority. They have gone completely silent and went underground like a bunch of gofers. They are being knocked around like the game we used to play, called kick the can.

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There is a despicable criminal element in this country that is attempting to take down and out all the Boys in Blue, the people that are keeping the country safe, or attempting to anyway.


We have our top leaders, the president – attorney general – senators – congress – governors – mayors that must have digested a bottle of super glue. It seems to me that many of them have their lips glued shut.  Speak up guys/gals; start standing up for the good guys.  You are compensated very well for what you are supposed to do.

Their responsibility as public servant should go well beyond making sure that football and baseball teams do not go on strike or that their pay checks are not stopped if the government shuts down. Their assignment as public servants is to care for the public. That encompasses many different scenarios. They want the honor, the glory and the big bucks that go with the job but don’t want to get their feet wet.

The cops are a big factor in this country.  The good ones are the glue that keeps the country together. Lately they have had targets painted on their backs by some hate groups. That should be totally unexceptionable. 99.98 % of all cops are stand-up hard working citizens. The other .02 % is always going to be a factor that needs to be controlled or eliminated.

It is about time the politicians at every level get off of their cushy big asses and make a stand effort to support the cops.

We absolutely have to start supporting the men in blue in this country.  If not, sooner or later the USA is going to make the Lebanon look like an opera performance.

We have a group of animals out there that have called for the death to all cops. Is that insane?

There has been 8 cops killed in the last week in the USA and most of them have been thrill killings. It is getting to the point where people are not going to put their lives on the line by joining a police force. These affects have already began to surface.

This lawlessness and chaos has to be stopped. I haven’t heard the president – the attorney general or any of the supposed leaders of this country stand up in the defense of these cops. How about hearing from the black leaders since it is their people who have initiated this killing game.

It only is common sense; if someone is not speaking up about an issue it must mean they condone what is going on.  It is time to stand up and be counted politicians. Let’s start getting those Lilly hands a little dirty or is that not your MOS????

We desperately need the men in blue in this country. Are there a few bums or lunatics in their ranks? Absolutely yes. They can and should be weeded out.

There are many critics of The Donald but he and one or two others running for the top seat are  the ONLY ones that had the balls to address the REAL issues that plague this country and wants to do something about it. The rest of them are just trying to jump on the band wagon and make the guy look bad.

Does Trump need a little polishing in order to represent the USA as a president should? Another absolutely yes.  That will come with the job.

If I thought there was someone better I would be expounding on their virtues.

I might like to see Trump and Dr. Ben ran as a team.

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