Narcissism at it finest

Sharp talk from Dick and Liz Cheney:

Dick The Destroyer Chaney seems to have forgotten a very well-known cliché. If a person lives in a glass house, they should never roll bounders downhill at another man’s house, or something like that.

Are some of the things he says about Obama in this article accurate? Absolutely yes.  But for what this guy helped orchestrate, that eventually has left the USA in the worst financial shape of all time – on account of his actions and influence over GWB, 1,000’s of our military people were killed, permanent disabilities, mental and physical, Chaney should hide under a rock, never come out and absolutely never criticise anyone.

I watched an interview he gave awhile back where he said he does not regret anything or any decisions he made to invade Iraq. If Iraq had not been illegally invaded, we would not have the conditions that eventually snowballed into the entire mess we are in today. I was dumbfounded by his arrogance.

His statement has to be one of the most flagrant narcissistic comments very made. How can anyone witness what was the end result of their actions and not have any regrets??? It must have been the 34 million he got from Halliburton when he left there for the VP job that helped stop the bleeding.

Chris Matthews says Cheney got $34 million payday from Halliburton

How can anyone be as cold and calloused as this guy is beyond me.

The best thing The Destroyer can do is zip it up and leave it shut for the duration.

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