American Heroes in Europe

Americans have always set the standard for excellence in the USA and around the world. Today on a train from Paris to Amsterdam was no different.

According to reports; two Marines were traveling on the train when they heard someone in the  head loading a gun. When the terrorist exited the head the Marines and one English man confronted the terrorist, disarmed him and took him down.


In the scuffle; one Marine as injured as well as the Englishman. We wish them a complete and speedy recovery.

These three men prevented what could have been a slaughter of many passengers, if not all of them on the train.

Too many people in this world do not want to get involved, either because of fear or lack of experience. The moral of the old story is; do something, even if it is wrong; chances you are going to die if you don’t. 

Thankfully these three men knew what they were doing and got away with their lives. They certainly were in a very precarious situation.

I think they should all receive the highest recognition possible for their heroics.

Their involvement eliminated a possible potential catastrophe on the train.

Semper Fi to the Marines and Tally Ho to our English friend.

USMC                 ttt

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