Donald your just bull-shitting yourself

When The Donald first hit the campaign trail I was pretty hot on him and his straight forward approach to the monumental problems the USA faces today.  It goes without saying that lately Trump is trumping himself into oblivion with those bloviating, overpowering mannerisms of his.

I am the first one in the world that appreciate someone that shoots from the hip and telling like it is but a person has to have some social skills sewn into their character, especially if they are running for the top seat in the country or possibly the world.


Trump has come up front and recognized all of the major problems this country faces and most probably has the solutions and backbone (balls) to face them head-on. I have expounded many times on the many attributes he has but now he is pushing many of his qualities into the wood chipper.

If he wants to get in The Judo Guy’s face and call him a commie; that is all well and good. If he wants to call The Serbia killer a son of a bitch; that is all well and good. But when he attacks bonafide war heroes like John Mccain and get downright nasty with Megyn Kelly, the guy is way off base.

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I don’t have any particular love for John McCain but I do recognize his contribution to this country and admire him for it.

Megyn Kelly is a tough broad (said with respect) and a good journalist that shows a lot of polish and like all women in this world, she should be respected.

As I  posted the other day; I admired the panel in the republican debate for asking the tough questions. The Donald does not like being put on the hot seat and that was apparent by the look on his face and then his answers.

What he said about Kelly is a very low blow. One of the thing I dislike about a bull-shitter is that they think I believe them.

Donald said that Kelly owes him an apology.  He said he didn’t mean what everyone thought he meant. You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, Blood coming out of her wherever.  Come on Donald; anyone with half a brain can read into that line. But still was not man enough to apologize.

The mark of a true leader and a real man or women is; 1st to be-able to lead by example, try to make the correct decisions and if not, have the class or dignity to say you were wrong. This is a very big quality that Trump hasn’t learned in his very successful – opulent life. His arrogance is killing him.

As I posted the the other day; Trump is so used to having people cater to him (I say kiss his ass) that he thinks he has a license to do and say what he want when he wants. The old saying; There is a time and a place for everything and now is not the time or the place.

Trump is a guy that is so hung up on himself; narcissism is his strongest suit. I am so tired of hearing bloviate about his success and his money it is almost become sickening. Keep the subject on the country Donald. We heard enough about your billions.

I can go on and on about what Trump has to do to clean up his act. If he is a smart person???? He will step back, take a good look at himself, that is if he wants to go any further in the presidential race and clean things up.

A nun in school once told me; empty barrels make the loudest noise.


The Donald absolutely has everything it takes to get the USA back to where it should be. The one major stumbling block is his BIG MOUTH and his unapologetic attitude.

Donald; I thought you were much smarter than you have demonstrated lately.

I am free for the next 15 months Donald. Don’t be too proud to call me, I can help you through this thing.

The Commander and Chief

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