PC-pathetic sheep

Target Goes Gender Neutral, Removes ‘Boy’ and ‘Girl’ Signage


Are you shitting me???????????

I like to use a little bit of decorum when writing these posts but sometime the ignorance of some subjects overwhelms me.

Read this post with an open mind and observe the logic behind it. I am not a racist or a gender basher; just a guy with an opinion and a hell of a lot more sense than the majority of Americans!!!

There are a lot of people in this country that are wondering why many of the kids growing up today are so confused about their gender.

Why you ask? The sick media and the PC-ers are jamming it down their throats and the economic fools fall right into line with them. It is all about the dollar.

Unfortunately the PC-ers have some of the companies in the USA shivering in their boot. Either conform to the PC way or get on the shoppers blacklisted.  It almost sounds like terrorism to me.

So many of the young boys are being raised to act like little girls because they are so pampered by their PC Parents. The same number of girls act like little boys because they thing that is the thing to do. There is no discipline in their lives.

Everytime a kid falls down today in one manner or another, the helicopter parents are right there picking them up. Let them get up on their own. You are ruining your kids. If any person has  never experiences adversity in their life and how to deal with it on their own; when the bell rings they fall apart at the seams.  Let the kids eat a little liver once and awhile instead of that prime rib for every meal.

Why are the kids that are brought up in the inner city are so independent and tougher than the suburbabrats? They are not pampered. They are taught how to be self-sufficient at an early age.  Theoretically they are much better off than the suburbabrats, if they have get the proper guidance. 

It has always been my opinion; the harder a kid is brought up (within reason) the better off they are going to be in life.  As we can see the conditions in this world are getting dire. If kids are not taught at an early age how to COPE, they are in big trouble.

There is a program I saw advertised on the TV where a little boy named Jazz Jennings thinks he is a girl. I am sure there are a slew of young kids that watch the program that have some misgivings of who they really are. Programs like this just perpetuate the movement in the USA that is gotten way out of control and confuses the kids even more.

I certainly believe that there are many people, young and old  that are confused about their gender.  That is perfectly alright but with the media and now the Super-stores who are bending to the PC generated mess, are only exacerbating the movement.

Along the same lines, I don’t have any idea why most of the commercials on TV are bi-racial.  What would be the problem in letting nature take its course in the racial and in the transgender arenas? Why do these issues have to be force fed to society?

If any person  would want to go those routes at the proper time in their life naturally, when the are mature enough to make rational decisions, without any outside intervention from the media, that is all well and good.

I will still stand by my previous post that the people in Oregon that passed the law allowing 15 year old kids to decided on transgender operation without their parents permission, being funded by the state; should all get a  group rate and  go see a shrink. They have to be nuts!!!!


What is going on in this country is form of subliminal brainwashing and all the weak PC-sheep are playing follow the leader and jumping off the cliff. Unfortunately their numbers are increasing every day.

Whatever happened to logical thinking people and a person forming their own opinion? Where the hell are the rest of the so called normal-common-sensed people in this country hiding, under a rock?  They sure are not being heard. The major problem that exists; not many people have the backbone or guts to say what they really believe in. I will refer to them to as the Silent Majority of Cowards.

Many of the people in the  USA has evolved into a bunch of PC pathetic cowards. Now I sound like Eric Holder.

Speak your mind ladies and gents. Don’t become part of the flock that are taking the leap.


Follow history. The strong survive and the weak are eaten by the lions. Metaphor if you didn’t get it.

Be good loving parents – set good examples – show and tell your kids you love them – let them become independent at an early age – raise them with some old school values – teach them to respect themselves and to respect other – taking a few bumps and bruises is all part of growing up – feed them a little liver once and a while – teach them to be leaders not followers – go park your helicopter, you are ruining the kids.

I think that the normal people in this country should boycott Target.  Where is your self-respect?

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