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My heart is bleeding for the poor lad

Josh Smith Discusses His Upcoming Struggle To Survive On $6.9 Million: I find it very hard to feel any compassion for this squandering fool that has made millions to dribbles his balls around a wooden floor. Snibbling Josh Smitty Smith … Continue reading

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What else do you see???????

The Good – The bad & The Donald         Love or hate the guy; he gets an A+ for having big balls and backing them up. Let’s look at his minuses and pluses. He is highly opinionated … Continue reading

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Our turn is coming

Round 0ne In an interview I saw on Fox earlier today; they asked a Marine Corps 3 star general (I didn’t get him name) if he thought the outcome of the massacre at the Navy Yard would have had been … Continue reading

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Kessler’s Calmaity

Kessler syndrome As if the human race doesn’t have enough calamitous threats to deal with on the planet earth.  We have a catastrophic situation circling our planet that no one ever considered when the space program’s first came on the … Continue reading

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Crazy old bastards are not the problem

Obama admin looks to ban some Social Security recipients from owning guns: Once again the news loves to sensationalize their headlines. The real scoop is; Obama administration wants to keep some people collecting Social Security benefits from owning guns if … Continue reading

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Nutty as a fruitcake

Rachel Dolezal on being black: ‘I didn’t deceive anybody’ Delirious Dolezal still insists she is black. Not African American but black. That is possible. In one of her more brilliant statements she made; “I just feel like I didn’t mislead anybody; … Continue reading

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Can it be a giant hoax??

It just doesn’t add up that Trump will not back-off on the denigrating remark he made about John Mc Cain.  He is either too ignorant to admit he was wrong or this whole thing is a hoax. Anyone with … Continue reading

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Humility is not one of his strong suits

I thought  Trump was a lot smarter than he has recently demonstrated with some of his off the wall comments. The Donald said he does not owe John Mc Cain an apology for saying the Arizona senator is only a war … Continue reading

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Tone it down a little Donald

Trump attacks McCain’s record as war hero, draws rebuke from GOP presidential field: The Donald has to tone it down a little. Comments like he made about John Mc Cain piss off a lot of people; especially people that served … Continue reading

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If it walks like a duck …..

It is ludicrous for our government’s leadership not acknowledge the attacks that took the lives of 4 Marines at the Navy Yard the other day should not be labeled a terrorist attack. It seems that too many people are being … Continue reading

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