No honor among thieves

There is some speculation that Joking Joe Biden is considering running on the democratic ticket against his OLD pal’s wife.


I wonder if they can read my lips when I call you a no good dirty ……..

Now this goes to show us how dirty politics can be and that there is no honor among thieves.

It is no secret Mr. O and Wild Bill made a blood oath with one another in 2008 that if Wild Bill supported Obama ( bear in mind, at that time  two men dislike one another  intensely) Obama would support WB’s wife in 2016.

The old saying goes; when making an agreement with a questionable personality, especially with a politician, it is incumbent that both parties involved in the backdoor deal to read the fine print. That is where WB and his wife missed the boat.

If WB wanted to make it an ironclad deal, he should have included a caveat that Joking Joe be excluded with possibility of him running for the top seat was part of the deal.  So we can conclude at this point in time that Joking Joe is getting the last laugh.


I am sure that there are some characters in this country that think the JJ would make a good president but these are the people that like fart cushions.  At the same time, there are some fools that think WB’s wife will also make a good presidentess.

Who the hell knows; there may be another whore deal (an old Italian saying)  in the works that JJ may be the VP for another 8 years if WB’s wife gets the final nod. Lord have mercy on us.

Meanwhile The Donald is making big waves and a lot of headway with his popularity in his run for the top seat.  Like him or hate him, we have to respect a person that is not hesitant to tell it like it is and is relentless.

He is just what America needs, someone that has a big set of balls that can and will backup what he says.  Is he right all the time? Absolutely not but neither are any of the other that are running for that are in office. At least we know where Trump is coming from.

One thing the is a positive; our foreign policies will take a dramatic turn if Trump trumps his competition.  The USA needs to regain the respect of the rest of the world it once had.

On enormous quality if you will that separates Trump from the rest of the pack. The other candidates are telling the public exactly what they want to hear, hoping they are good enough bullshitters they can sell the voters their snake oil. On the other hand, Trump is telling the public what he believes in and what it is going to take to turn America back around. Dire difficulties require drastic measures.

If we give The Donald a 75% for his honesty and forthrightness, that is about 50% more than we can give anyone of the politicians that are running. One of the best things DT has going for him, he is not a politician.

It will be interesting to see how this backdoor deal between Joking Joe and WB”s wife turns out. As we say in Italian; mantenere i vostri ememies vicino e voi amici più vicini / keep your enemies close and your friends closer. 

ffff         nnn


Commander and Chief

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