These guy know how to celebrate a wedding

I always thought that the Italian weddings were rough in the old days when it came to wedding receptions. There were always 3 or 4 fights during the course of the evening by some, drunked up and hot blooded Italian guys.

In those days when I went to a wedding, I always shopped for my suits at Robert Halls and bought a cheap one because I knew the sleeve was always coming off of the jacket during the course of the evening.

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There were several incidents where the ecnalubma had to take someone to sick bay for a few stitches but nothing really severe.

It appears that the Afghans put us Italians to shame when it comes to receptions and taking the celebrating of the nuptials to a new high. These dudes mean business.

KABUL, Afghanistan — At least 21 people were shot dead at a wedding after an argument turned violent, a police chief in northern Afghanistan told NBC News on Monday.

Over the weekend a gun fight erupted at Afghan wedding killing 21, wounding 8 others. They should have had them check their weapons at the weapons check located at the front entrance.


I wonder if the bride and groom were compelled to give the boost back to the families of the deceased??? That would only be the right thing to do; especially if they didn’t even get a chance to partake in the camel stew that was prepared for this special feast.

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In the event I ever do get invited to an Afghan wedding, I think I will pass and send my gift by pony express.  Can’t be too careful these days.


Commander and Chief


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