Minimum wage raise is a joke

It really makes me laugh when I see all of the backlash of the proposed 15.00 an hour minimum wage.

Very short and sweet. Does anyone on this planet think that the business owners are not going to boost up their already outrageous prices to cover the costs when the minimum is raised?

It is all relative. The higher the cost of employment, the business owners pass it on to the consumers.  Simple as that.

That loaf of bread that costs 1.50 now will cost 2.00 next week. Big business never takes a beating.

A few pictures speaks a thousand words.

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Off the topic a little.

The Golden Arches honchos are bitching that their company is in bad shape. Their nonsensical solution to making things right is to skimp even more on their already cut back versions of what they used to serve when business was booming.  Their sandwiches are getting smaller and the meat in them looks like a see through hamburger.  That follows suit with all the rest of their products as well.

I thought that they were a little more intelligent than that. Cutting back on service and portions is only going to dig them a deeper hole.

The majority of the time; problems are corrected by improving the product not cutting back on it.  For the most part, Americans are not afraid to part with the bucks as long as what they are getting is satisfactory.


Compensation by Company

For its 2014 fiscal year, MCDONALD’S CORP, listed the following executives on its annual proxy statement to the SEC

Timothy J. Fenton Former Chief Operating Officer $2,845,629
Peter J. Bensen Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (Chief Administrative Officer) $2,794,296
Douglas Goare President, McDonald’s Europe $2,905,321
David Hoffmann President, McDonald’s Asia, Pacific, Middle East and Africa $2,759,685
Stephen Easterbrook Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer (President and Chief Executive Officer) $1,689,862Donald
Thompson Former President and Chief Executive Officer $7,288,578

Did it ever occur to the fellas that possibly they should take a pay cut to help out the dilemma?

7.3 million is a lot of mulla to pay someone to dig a grave.




The hierarchy at Mickey D’s has to come up with more healthy vittles for their customers. They have been clogging up the arteries and veins of people around the world for decades and the health conscious public wants to make a change in their lifestyles.

I think that they should have bacala on their menu. It would be an overnight success.




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