Phillip Nolan from Hollywood

Spelman College Drops Bill Cosby Professorship

Cosby went from the top of the heap to the bottom of the barrel faster than Clark Kent coming out of a phone booth or like a Chinese fire-drill with everyone trampling over one another to cut ties with the funny man.







We can almost compare him to Phillip Nolan – AKA; A man without a country.

Nolan was an American Army lieutenant who renounces his country during a trial for treason and was sentenced to spend the rest of his days at sea. As one ship came into the port he was transferred to one that was leaving; never setting a foot on US soil the rest of his life.


He said he never wanted to hear of the United States again. All of the newspaper or reading material he was given, articles of the USA were cut out.

Dr. Huxtable is going down the same canal without a ship.


He is being ostracized, shunned, rejected, snubbed and put out pasture like he was a leper. Justifiable so.

When we hear of a mobster or criminals commit a crime, it is just another day in the office; no one even pays any attention it them.

When we hear that an icon like Cosby pulls a shot like he did on dozens of women that were very vulnerable, impressionable, starry eyed young ladies who he drugged for sex , it is like getting spadodched in the head with a ball bat and hard to believe.

It was such a coincident that at that time Cosby was coming down hard on the young black kids to take responsibility for their actions and quit blaming everyone for their own shortcomings.

All of a sudden these allegations about his drugging ladies for sex began to surface. I thought that some of his people were trying to set him up for telling it like it is.  I also thought that some of these ladies were out there trying to make a buck but as the numbers grew I saw it in a different light.

The people I feel sorry for the most are the young kids that looked up to their TV hero. It is a big letdown finding out there is no Santa.

It would benefit Cosby to man up and get it over. His head is already in the noose but they haven’t pulled the lever yet.

Billy Boy; The truth will set you free but probably cost you a bundle.

Come clean and give your family the respect they deserve.  Your former admirers may think slightly better of you.

Commander and Chief


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