Way out of control

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Hundreds Mourn Sandra Bland At Wake, Funeral… Family And Friends Remember ‘Confident,’ ‘Regal’ Woman… Left With More Questions Than Answers… Petitions Call For Investigation Of Death… Autopsy Report: No Signs Of Homicide… Bland Should Not Have Been In Jail In The First Place… ‘She Knew And Stated Her Rights But It Did Not Matter’…


This is just another deplorable case of a badge wearing, gun toting, hot shot cop abusing his powers as a law enforcement officer.

Experts in Texas said the cop did not have the right to tell the lady to put out her cigarette and he did not have the right to ask her to get out of her car. When she did not comply, Wyatt Earp physically pulled her out of her vehicle and manhandled the hell out of her.


Do these fools forget that they have their squad car camera filming everything they are doing?

If in fact these sequence of incidents did not happen, Sandra Bland would not have gone to jail where she apparently hung herself.

I don’t know if this white cop would have reacted with a white women the same way. That is a tough call.

Is it just me or should the public expect more out of the cops in the way of common courtesies.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine was pulled over by one of these hot shots for no apparent reason.  The information the cop ran on the guy was incorrect, stating he did not have insurance. He was pulled out of the car, handcuffed and taken to jail. He did have insurance but the report was wrong.

It cost him $130.00 to get his car out of hock, plus the embarrassment of being arrested. The guy was white and the deputy dog was white as well.  The freind of mine did not receive an apology or refund for his car being towed.

To start with; it is no secret that ALL law enforcement communities have a minimum number of traffic tickets that their boys in blue have to write a week. That being said; some of these hot shots are more likely to pull someone over for no good reason because they didn’t meet their quota.

These cops go to school or are supposed to before they get hired on the force. There are guide books they are supposed to be familiar with so not to intrude on GOOD citizens rights.  It appears that many of them do not read the rule or just elect to ignore them.

There has to be a very thin line between anger and self-control when serving as a cop; that is understandable.  They may have been pissed off over an incident that happened an hour ago but being professionals it is their responsibility to control themselves and the situations.

There is entirely too much abuse of the cop’s power and they need to be toned down.

It is as shame that this lady hung herself as a result of a traffic stop.

Time to get in step guys!!!

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