USA negotiating cheap rubbers deal with China

Marines weighing having troops hitch rides on foreign warships:

Classified column in a Nation Newspaper: Marines going to war – rental ship needed – fishing boats will suffice

I wonder how this works??? If the USA decides we need a ship to transport our Marines to a conflict somewhere in the world; is it like calling a cab and hope they show up on time and at the right address?? How about tipping the captain; is that appropriate or is it not PC?? There are a lot of variables here.

Now we have the Marines trying to decide whether to have our Jar Heads hitch a ride on foreign warships, citing a shortage of U.S. Navy vessels due to recent budget cuts. Is there no shame in our government?


Talk about eating humble pie!! This country is really humiliating itself in front of the entire world.


First it was NASA that paid the Ruskies 71 million dollars for our astronauts to hitch a ride to the space shuttle.  Talk about the Judo guy breaking it off in the USA ass!!!!!!

The Wire

Mar 25, 2014 3:45PM ET

NASA Is Paying Russia $71 Million for a Ride to Space

The fact of the matter is; we should be building up our military instead of cutting it back. Do the DC Dummies read the news? Every other government in the world is building up its military and the USA is cutting back. I think I will label this the one The Military Suicide Act of 2015.

Most of the military brass (higher ranking personnel) that haven’t sold their soul to Obama are strictly against cutting the military. These are to people that have something between their ears. The rest of the guys with stars and bars on their shoulders are nothing but a bunch of puppets and Obama is the puppet master.


What the hell ever happened to American pride? I think it went down the tubes when our government started acting like Dear Abbey’s bleeding hearts followers and the PC-ers poked their ugly heads out of their foxyholes. Pathetic is not even a sharp enough word to describe our pitiful standings in the world.

The next thing we know it our government is going to start purchasing recycled rubbers to give the troops so they don’t catch the VD.



Cheaper by the boatload if we can find a boat.

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