No more hot tamales for The Donald – he’s been fired

Mexico Won’t Be Sending Anyone To Miss Universe Pageant After Donald Trump’s Comments:

This is one example of what is going to sink The Donald’s campaign for the presidency. Loose lips sink ships!!

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A smart person knows when to hold and when to fold. Just because we have opinions about particular issues, it doesn’t mean that everything that enters our ears has to come out of our mouth. Discretion is the better part of valor.


Trump’s comment that described migrants from Mexico coming into the USA as drug-runners and rapists went over in Mexico like a fart in a Mexican Church. I cannot say I blame them for being pissed off.

If Trump would have said that there are some drug-runner and rapists that are sneaking across the border, he may be correct but to make a blanket statement as he did is taboo.

Mr. Trump has burning a lot of bridges since he announced his run for the top seat in the country. NBC and a lot of others have pulled the plug on the big guy.

Based on his history it is hard to tell if he is for real in his run for president or just boosting that giant ego of his.

He could make a great president if he dropped some of his arrogant mannerisms that he is so well known for. He has the right ideas in a lot of areas and has the guts to pull them off. His biggest hang-ups beside his egotistical manner is; people are afraid of him.

As I said before; what the hell does a guy like Trump, that has the world by the goolunies want to disrupt his life to become president?  I know he is a patriot and wants to turn our country around which is very commendable but his diplomacy and tact are something to be desired.  No-one likes to be bulldozed around.

Only time will tell if he is real or not.

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