Tony D will be missed


He didn’t stand out in a crowd, he was not ostentatious, he was a good family man, a man’s man, his handshake was his bond, he lead a very low keyed life but could buy and sell many of the people he associated with but never flaunted it.

There are certain people in this world, that when the lid slams in their face I don’t even blink an eye. There are others (very few) that when they take their final breath it hits home and bothers me.

Example: When Frank Sinatra died it was just another day in the park as far as I was concerned. I never cared for his arrogant attitude. When Dean Martin died I felt a great loss, not because I knew him personally but because he was, Italian, a man’s man and all of the above as I described Tony D.

I watched an interview on TV many years ago. The commentator asked the guy he was interviewing, what the difference was between Dean and Frank.  The guys response was.  If I had a party and invited  Dean and Frank, all night long I would have to cater to Frank and make sure  was entertained. On the other hand, Dean was so low keyed and unassuming, one wouldn’t even know that he was at the party, he blended in with the rest of the guests. 

Dean’s agent said in another interview I saw; I shook hands with Dean 30 years ago and never had anything on paper, that is what kind of a guy he was. 

Tony D was Deano to the “T”; one solid citizen.

He was a great businessman that worked his butt off and became every successful through his hard work, honesty, business sense and the way he treated people.

Tony D passed away yesterday . He will be missed by his family,  friends and everyone that had the pleasure of knowing him or dealing with him.

Rest in peace and Semper Fi to Tony D; he was a good man!!!

Commander and Chief


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