FOUR – Better sink this legal putt Philly

Report: Phil Mickelson linked with illegal $3 million gambling scheme:

First of all it doesn’t makes sense. Mickelson drops more then 3 million a year out of his pocket when he is sitting at the bar.

If the allegation against the Professional Putter can be substantiated; it only goes to show us that the ones that have the most, never have enough.

Phil Mickelson ones of the all-time greats and one of the wealthiest in the golf game has been accused by a loan shark that got snatched for illegal activities of being connected to a nearly $3 million sports-betting scheme tied to an “illegal gambling operation” based outside the United States.

Philly Boy has not been charged yet but I am sure that the federal bloodhounds will be sniffing their way to his door; as the Japanese say, mo scocchi.

According to Forbes, Mickelson has earns a reported 51 million a year. Not bad for someone chasing a little ball around some greenery.

The bulk of his coins come from endorsements. This is one area when some of the cheaters get their tit in a ringer it really hurts them. When the hammer falls, like the Bubonic Plague, their sponsors drop them like hot potatoes.

I have asked this question time after time but I really do know the answer. When is enough enough for some people? It all boils down to the more some have the more they want. We can call it the need for greedy.

FOUR – Philly Boy; the feds are hot on you trail. Better putt true and hope you can sink this one.


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