All that glitters is never gold

Josh Duggar Records Destroyed By Arkansas Police At Judge’s Request:

I know that the  Daggar family had a lot of clout being the celebrities they WERE; and it appears that they got next to the judge that is handling the case of the black sheep in their family.

I have watched their program a few times only under duress because I was forced to. I said many time that there had to be a lot of skeletons’ in their closets. There is no family on the face of this earth that is so congenial and loving with one another; it is not normal.

The family pedophile Josh should be tried for his crimes against whomever he molested no matter how far back it was. Being a celeb should have no bearing on the situation. A PEDOPHILE IS A PEDOPHILE IS A PEDOPHILE no matter what their status in life is.

FILE - In this Aug. 29, 2014, file photo, Josh Duggar, executive director of FRC Action, speaks in favor the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act at the Arkansas state Capitol in Little Rock, Ark. Tony Perkins, president of the Washington-based Christian lobbying group, said Thursday, May 21, 2015, that he has accepted the resignation of Duggar in the wake of the reality TV star's apology for unspecified bad behavior as a young teen. (AP Photo/Danny Johnston, File)

As always; money talks and shit walks. How is it that the cops in this case just happened to destroy the records by order of the judge?  I wonder whose cousin his dis-honorable is?  As it stands now the molestation incidents never happened.

The judge is just as guilty as the pedophile and should be brought up on charges for his ordering to destroy the records. He is as bad as the Catholic Church’s hierarchy that deliberately covered up the crimes of their sicko-priests.

The real sickening facade is; the old man Jim Bob Duggar who wants to portray the image that he has a halo around his head, knew as early as 2002 that his son Josh Duggar, that was 14 at the time, was accused of sexually abusing an underage girl. Josh was ultimately accused of inappropriately touching five underage girls, some of them were his sisters. This boy really crossed the line.



I never blame another person for what one of their relatives has done but when it comes to cover-ups like this, the old man is just as guilty.

If that would have ever happened in an Italian family; I can guarantee that this boy would have spent the next 6 months in sick; that is if he would be that lucky. No PC in my world.

Initially I sort of felt sorry for the family that had to suffer because of their pedophile son but after reading that the old man knew as far back as 2002, that also means the (baby machine) mother knew as well. With that revelation all of my sympathy has now been flushed down the toilet.

I wonder if anyone ever taught Josh how to run a 90 pound air hammer? If not he better take a crash course; I have a feeling he is going to need it.


Commander and Chief






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