Total miscarriage of justice

Cleveland officer not guilty in killing unarmed pair:

This verdict goes to show what a well-paid ambulance chaser can buy.

I wasn’t there; I don’t know all of the circumstance but for Judge John P. O’Donnell to find Officer Michael Brelo not guilty of all/any charges is a slap in the face to American justice.

The first thing the ambulance chaser did right was to have the trial heard a judge only and eliminate the possibility of having a jury hear this case. Smart move. A jury would have definitely found Brelo guilty of something.

If nothing else; Brelo is guilty of over-kill for jumping on the hood of the car and firing at its occupants like Rambo would.

I hate to see what the end result in Cleveland and around the country is going to be.

It was an absolute miscarriage of justice and definitely is going to open a very large can of worms.

The chase consisted of more than 60 police cars pursued a vehicle that’s occupants allegedly shot that the cops. The chase went for 20 miles, sometime hitting speeds more than 100 mph.

The occupants of the vehicle Russell and Williams were ultimately killed by a barrage of 137 shots fired at them. The prosecutor claims that the car they were driving backfired. No gun was ever found in the car.

Anyone that believes that this was not overkill has a demented mentality or just may have a big envelop waiting for them in their safety deposit box somewhere.

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