God helps those who help themselves

Chronic Lung Disease: Starting an Exercise Plan:

The vast majority of people do not ever see the correlation or benefits between exercising when they are suffering with a chronic illness or an injury.

As the headlines state; start an exercise program if you have COPD. It sounds a little counter-productive or illogical to exercise when a person cannot breathe. Wrong!!! Even if it is ever so slight, we are assisting our lungs in expanding as we exercise that with consistent commitment eventually helps us breathe a lot easier.

We live in a world of instant gratification. Very few people want to devote the time or effort to get themselves and keep themselves in healthy condition.  They want to take a pills or a supplement instead.  If you noticed; every dieting commercial clearly states, with the proper diet and exercise.

It probably took all your life to get into the poor condition you are in and you expect miracles and instant results. That is not reality. It is going to take several weeks to a month to notice the difference. At first it is painful but gets easier as you push yourself. there has to be a firm commitment present.

Although COPD is a incurable disease, exercise helps expand and contract the lungs which is a big plus in helping us breathe easier. Deep breathing exercises are a very beneficial. Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale very slowly through puckered lips. Repeat that exercise as many times in the day as you can. The results are amazing.


The best thing for many forms of arthritis is exercise. Exercising helps the blood flow to the ailing joints and makes the patient fell a lot better. Most people do not exercise because # 1 they are too lazy; # 2 it hurts in that particular area. If they do continue in a very short period of time, if  they exercise regularly, they will notice a dramatic difference.

The following is an article from the Mayo Clinic explain the benefits in exercising when you have a chronic condition.


To start with the patient usually feels sorry for themselves and may be looking for sympathy; that and $1.95 will get you a small coffee at Starbucks. Quit complaining and crying about your situation, for the most part, unless there was an accident or an illness you had no control over, you did it to yourself. If you put yourself in this condition, only you can get yourself out of it.

I wrote the shortest self-help book ever written that I want you to read and pass on to your friends. It is called The Flame for Self-Preservation. If you are one of those people that needs a little shaking up and someone to kick you in the ass to get going, read this. If you feel sorry for yourself and are quitter, don’t bother.

Get off your lazy ass and do something yur problem. Once you have started a program, no matter how bad you feel, don’t stop.

Start very slowly, one step and one breath at a time. Work your way up slowly and gradually.

People have a misconception about working out or exercising. You do not have to kill yourself or be completely drained or spent when you are finished. Start out easy and work your way up slowly to a program that last 30 minutes at a time. If you feel OK, increase it as you see fit.

Check with your doctor before starting your program to make sure you are healthy enough.

It is not how long we live, it is how well we live. If we can squeeze out a couple of more healthy years out of these bodies that we have abused all of our life and feel better; you tell me the downside to it.

Any exercise, no matter how slight is better than none.

For information on obtaining a signed hardcopy of  The Flame of  Self-Preservation contact thegoombagazette@gmail.com  Pass this on to all your friends.

Commander and Chief






The shortest self-help book ever written

The key to personal triumph and self-control


The author has an extensive background in the sometimes complicated experiences of coping with the trials and tribulations of everyday living; how to deal with all of the detrimental influences that can physically and mentally destroy many good people’s lives.

He is not a professional shrink, psychiatrist, medical doctor or a clairvoyant.

His credentials come from being born and raised in the early 1940’s; brought up by 2 tough Italian parents that did not take any nonsense from their kids; grew up in an all-Italian neighborhood where the boys either stayed home and played with their sisters dolls or went to the school yard every day and learned the facts of life by getting bounced around. That kind of education cannot be taught or bought; something sorely missing in our modern-day PC (politically correct) society.

These brief details of his background are just skimming the surface of his personal life experiences.  Combining these lifetime encounters, many times on the edge, more than qualifies him in the writing of this self-help short story and enables him to be somewhat of an authority on discipline and self-control, characteristics that are absent in many of our lives.

Page 1


The Flame of Life is an imaginary self-help tool that anyone can use whenever addictions, bad habits or temptations are overwhelming them.

Self-preservation, self-control and their implementations can be very simple to get a handle on. It can be almost effortless if a total commitment is present. In doing so showing us how easily we can become authors of our own epitaph. We should; not anyone or anything else be in responsible for our destiny.

There can be various unfortunate conditions and illnesses that unexpectedly occur in some of our lives which we have no control over. Under those circumstances, we must accept them and do the best we can to cope. Unfortunately there are some people that have been dealt a bad hand in the complex card game of life.

Addictions, obsessions and bad habits come in many shapes and forms. Overeating – smoking – alcohol – drugs – sexual abuse, mental – physical – criminal; the list is pretty much endless. It is our personal responsibility to suppress and control these urges and desires, not have them control us.

A person should carry an imaginary candle around with them in their subconscious at all times and utilize its subliminal powers when any craving or temptation becomes overpowering.

Page 2

Generally speaking, people are lured into temptations because of their personal flaws and will succumb to whatever addiction or bad habits they have developed. In fact, there are only a couple of choices we have in dealing with these cravings.

All people are born with a free-will. Some people are mentally and physically strong enough and can utilize their attributes; others people are overwhelmed. We all do have the will-power to make the correct decision. Either give into it or don’t give in; it is that simple.

Are bad habits and addictions difficult to control? Absolutely yes! As time passes, with perseverance we can learn to condition ourselves to ward off these temptations; in doing so our struggles becomes much easier as time passes.

ccc     ddd

First scenario:  When the devil is sitting on your shoulder; immediately imagine your finger in the flame and it is burning like hell but you do not have the sense or willpower to pull it out. Not a pleasant thought; GOOD it is not supposed to be.   Second scenario: The more sensible choice:  Keep your finger out of the flame and don’t burn yourself.  It is that easy. Capitulate or don’t. Burn yourself or don’t burn yourself.

Page 3

Most temptations or addictive desires only last only a few seconds or minutes.  We should learn how to acclimate ourselves to tough it out for those short periods of time. Once we have achieved that level of discipline, we are home free. Now we are in control.

Initially, while attempting to kick a bad habit or addiction, most people do not have the intestinal determination to achieve that level of self-control on their very first attempt. It may take a dozen times or more to learn how to cultivate the willpower necessary to reject the powerful temptations. When we ultimately have reached that plateau, the jubilation will make us feel like we have conquered Mt. Everest.

One of the primary considerations in climbing a mountain (a metaphor); never look at the summit on your struggle up the mountain; concentrate on placing one foot in front of the other and continue the climb until you have reached your goal.

Life can be pretty simple if we chose it to be. Many addicted people like to complicate their lives, live in denial and continually shift the blame of their shortcomings and addictions on everything and everyone except themselves. I can’t stop smoking, I will gain weight; I can’t stop drinking; I will not fit in with the rest of the crowd if I don’t smoke a few joints. I am not strong enough.

I can’t quit smoking pot, all my friends do it; I don’t want to get fat.  My rebuttal to this is; nonsense these are just weak excuses!

If you happen to fall into that category of being a weakling or a quitter, continue to hold your finger in the flame, keep destroying your health and life but quit bitching about it.

Page 4

No one around you wants to hear the same old record being played over and over again.

If it appears that I am being harsh, you have that 100% right. My objective is not sugar-coat the matter or try to pamper anyone; that possibly was the root of your problem. My bottom line is to assist people that need help by telling it like it is, in an effort to help them get their lives back on track. We may even label it a burning desire to help others.

We can achieve anything we want in life if we truly have the aspiration to do so. First of all, admit your shortcomings and inadequacies to yourself; secondly, make a firm commitment to do something about them.  Without having these two components in place, it is a waste of time trying to make a change. Don’t be a quitter; if you quit at any one obstacle in your life, you will quit at everything.

As the world turns, we have to take responsibility for ourselves and our own actions either good or bad. No one is forcing us to do anything we don’t want to do.

Here is where we come to another fork in the road, a very critical one.  We have to make crucial choice that will impact everything we do for the rest of our lives. Do we want to be a follower or do we want to be leader?

Followers for the most part are people weak in character, people with low self-esteem that don’t have the fortitude to look the beast (the addiction or bad habit) in the eye, stare it down and not cave-in to its enticements.

Leaders are people that take charge of their lives, grab the bull by the horns and make unpopular or hard decisions without being concerned about opinions or consequences.

Page 5

Some of the many benefits of being a leaders, we can control our own destiny and are able to set a good example for others to follow.

Followers are the sheep in our society. If the lead sheep walks off the cliff, without any consideration, logic or hesitation, the rest of them follow. Be the shepherd not the sheep.


Being a follower is a very big factor that envelopes the young people in our society. They want to be part of the group, don’t want to be the outcast. My advice to them is; they are laughing at you now but you will be laughing at them later!!  Set the example, don’t be one.

With very hard work and determination, followers can learn to become leaders. It is not an impossible task.

Page 6

The FIRST thing anyone with a problem or addiction has to do is admit it to themselves, not anyone else they have a condition that needs attention and change. SECOND, have the desire to want to change. THIRD, have the backbone to take whatever course of action is necessary to overcome the addiction or bad habit. FOURTH, stick to it and see the mission through.

If you happen to fall down or stumble while climbing the mountain, get back up, dust yourself off and start all over again. A person is never too old or it is never too late to turn their life around regardless of what problems confronts them.

If you are one of the many conversationalists that just like to hear yourself talk; just like a cat that is running full speed ahead on a slippery floor and going nowhere; save your time and money. Forget all of the shrinks, doctors, hypnosis, patches, e-cigarettes and other useless aids; they will not make any difference. Willpower and determination are only avenues to success.

For the people with the sincere desire to change but insufficient will-power who need an additional boost, get some outside professional assistance but by all means do something, don’t just talk about it.

The key is being absolutely driven to overcoming your challenges and have the determination to make the change. If you fail once, get up and try again. Don’t be ashamed; get the professional help you need. Bear in mind; doctors and other professionals can only show you the way, it is up to you to follow.

Page 7

I was a teacher for many years. I was the director of the orchestra, the person that showed my students the right path to take in their lives. After I showed them the way, it was their responsibility to follow it through and make the best, most responsible choices in their lives.

Smokey the Bear used to say, only you can prevent forest firesThe life you save may be your own.


Only you can keep your finger out of the flame, not anyone else.

Unless a person has a physical or mental impairment, there is absolutely no reason he or she cannot get their life in order, regardless of their age. Don’t always look for excuses. Be a doer not talker; be the leader not a lost sheep.

We only go around once in this life, and it is up to each individual young and old to make the best of each day.  We all have many directions we can take. The smart person takes the correct fork in the road that helps them lead a more productive and

Page 8

healthy life. The losers and quitters take the easy fork and continue to live their entire life in denial. Make the correct decision. Pull your finger out of the flame or better yet, don’t put it in the flame in the first place.

When people are young, there is a certain amount of abuse their body can absorb. As we get older, our resiliency takes a nose dive and we cannot bounce back as easily as we used to. Start taking control today, not next year; it may never come.

Make your short stay on Mother Nature’s earth as pleasant as possible for yourself and everyone you are connected with.

There are many people who suffer tremendously because of the bad habits or addictions of people close to them. Help make their lives more pleasant; you owe it to them and to yourself.

Through the years, I have used this quote many times from one of the people I really admired — Dino Crocetti AKA Dean Martin. He said, ‘if I knew I was going to live this longI would have taken better care of myself”!!!

God helps those who help themselves when you laugh, everyone laughs with you; when you cry, you cry alone.  When you feel sorry for yourself, you are the only one that does.

None of us have a crystal ball and do not know how long we will be around. We have to remember; it is not how long a person lives; it is how well they live!

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