One big step in the right direction

I can not even imagine what the defense could be for the 6 cops that allegedly cause Freddy Gray’s death?


The arrest of the 6 cops in Baltimore is certainly one step in the right direction to try and straighten out race relations and the abuse of power by law enforcement.

I hope that level heads prevail and the leaders of all communities emphasize that because of this decision it does not give anyone the green light to break the law when situations like this occur.

This action if conducted properly should serve as a stepping stone for forcing law enforcement all over the country to clean out the people that are dragging their much needed and honorable institution through the mud.

The plan of action should be to continue on an acceptable course to peace between the races using level heads, sincere dialog, direct actions, cooperation between all parties concerned and the disbursement of all of the roaches that come out of the woodwork when they see an opportunity to grandstand and get their noses in front of a camera.

This can be accomplished if all parties involved are working toward the same goals.

If the cops are found guilty of breaking the law in the death of Gray they have to be dealt with like any other person that breaks the law.

As I have said before many time; it is a shame that so few make the majority of the good guys look so bad.

Intelligent people will observe with an open mind and see what has been successful in other communities and try to emulate their procedures.

Milwaukee County’s no nonsense Sheriff David Clarke has been very successful in controlling the people under his command. If they cross the line they pay the price. No cover-ups.


In an interview this morning he said if he was given the order to stand down by the mayor under similar circumstances as in Baltimore he would have disobeyed the order.

Let all sides take the gloves off and play this game the right way, with sincerity and determination. First get all of the snakes out of grass. If anyone has ulterior motives or illicit intentions they should be weeded out immediately.

The stakes are too high in this country to have any counterproductive trouble makers throwing a monkey wrench into the mechanics of this process for their own greedy intentions.

We don’t have to like one another; everyone is different and has the right to be. The resolution to all of this hostility is one word; respect. It can be done.

Let’s hear a big AMEN

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