Toya Graham; lady hero and excellent mom

Baltimore mom: “I just lost it” seeing son at riots with rock in hand:

The mom that bitch slapped her out of control 16-year-old son on national TV during the Baltimore riots says she doesn’t feel like a hero. Toya Graham said she was furious when she saw her kid on TV rioting with the rest of the thugs.

Toya has risen to the top of the charts for her publicly humiliating her son, showing the junior thug what tough love is all about.

In this crazy PC-Ness world we live in I am very surprised that some idiot didn’t call in and want her to get arrested for child abuse.

This can serve as a good example for all of the very permissive parents out there; that there is a time and a place for a good old fashion ass kicking.

Now what if Toya would have gotten on her knees and begged junior to please come home using her PC-ness; possibly he would have wound up as a statistic instead of an embarrassed teenager.

Learn a good lesson from this ladies and gents. I do not condone child abuse but sometime it is more effective to whip their ass than have them wind up in jail or dead.

If I ever get into a confrontation, I want to have Toya’s phone number handy so I can call her for back-up.

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