Sad but true

Obama delivers zingers at White House Correspondents’ Dinner:


With the 2016 presidential election picking up a head of steam Mr. Obama did a little political ballbusting last night at his correspondents dinner.

“It’s amazing how time flies,” Obama told those attending the annual dinner of the White House Correspondents’ Association on Saturday night. “Soon, the first presidential contest will take place, and I for one cannot wait to see who the Koch brothers pick. It’s exciting.”

Sad but true; it is not the person that is most qualified for the job as we have seen in the past; it is the person that has the most money behind them.

For all intents and purposes we can say that most of the political offices in this country are BOUGHT. Mr. O may have been kidding but down deep inside of his political heart he was telling it like it is!!

One important titbit to remember; there is no such thing as a free lunch. These high flying contributors always get paid back one way or another.

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