Holders farewell speech

Listen to this parting speech Holder made to the people in his department.

Pay close attention to his demeanor.  It struck me as being rather facetious.


Time to get my hat!!


Some of Holders parting observations didn’t coincide with what many people saw during his office as AG. He referred to no interference from outsiders – he said his department was restored (repeated it twice) and said as it was before he got there – if there were no issues that were out of line when he took office, what needed to be restored – justice with no interference – no interference because Holder did it his way under the direction and protection of his boss disregarding any protocol. He deliberately thumbed his nose at congress more time than I can remember.

Holder had a racial axe to grind when he took office and was not at all ashamed to wear his feeling on his shoulder.

He began his tenure by insulting the American people by calling us a nation of cowards. That was one a hell of a way to come off of the starting blocks but obviously, he didn’t care


Through his time in office he was not the least bit hesitant about expressing his feeling of his one sided racial sentiments. He forgot or was never instructed properly by his boss that his position was supposed to be of a neutral position between races and nationalities where he should not show any preferential feels for one or another.

In another one of Holders off the wall comments; he said that at times he was expressing the feelings and sentiments for Obama and saying the things that Obama could not say publicly. If that is a fact, it is not saying a lot about everyone concerned.  

It is perfectly acceptable for everyone in this world to have their personal feelings about any issue but when someone holds an office like the Attorney General of the USA he should use a little more discretion with his individual views.

I personally think that Holder reveled in his position of power knowing that THE MAN had his back. He was bulletproof.

Optimistically his successor will be somewhat more conciliatory to everyone’s needs then just a chosen few.

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