Murded is murder regardless of who unlawfully pulls the trigger

Video Shows Deputy Shoot Unarmed Black Man 4 Times In 2013 Incident:

There definitely has to be something done about these gun happy racists cop around the country that think it is open season on people especially the black population.

This type of despicable, deadly behavior has been going on for many years and has been concealed by the authorities where these cowboys are employed as PEACE OFFICERS.

I am the first one to stand behind any law enforcement officer whose  life is truly in danger and has to use deadly force to save himself or any citizen.

There are a lot of  gun happy hit men that are hiding behind their badges, killing people in cold blood that must be prosecuted. Murder is murder regardless of who the shooter is.

The people that are covering up for the rogue cops should be tried and convicted as well. Just like higher ups in the Catholic Church that covered up for the pedpholies, they are equally as guilty.

There is one issue that the majority of people never take time to consider. What would they do if the circumstances were reversed???

This is supposed to be live and let live civilized country we live in. Let us all start acting like it.

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