Bunch of punk ass cowards

Follow up: Excellent; maybe they will send a message to all the other cowards out there.

University of Florida frat expels 3 for allegedly spitting on wounded vets


Frat boys spit on wounded vet, urinate on American flag:   

I am so pissed off over the actions of these anti-Americans cowards that I am spitting nails.

They are nothing but a bunch of lily livered, cowardly bastards most probably pissing away the money their Mommy’s and Daddy’s hard earned money.

Here is some hypocrisy for you.

The following is the Credo of this fraternity.

The resolution, which the Convention adopted overwhelmingly, became so widely quoted during the turbulent years of the 1960s that it became known as the “Credo” of Zeta Beta Tau.

We, the members of Zeta Beta Tau fraternity, believe that the development of the individual as a responsible, mature member of society is the primary goal of the university today.

We believe that fraternity offers to the university community a unique, desirable and successful means of achieving this goal.

In fulfilling the purposes of fraternity, we dedicate ourselves to the principles of:

INTELLECTUAL AWARENESS. Fraternity creates an atmosphere conducive to the expansion of the individual’s intellectual horizons, the interchange of ideas within the academic community and the pursuit of scholastic excellence.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. Fraternity requires the individual to commit himself and accept his responsibility to participate.

INTEGRITY. Fraternity generates a standard of personal integrity – a framework for the individual to maintain honesty, exhibit loyalty and retain a sense of self-discipline.

BROTHERLY LOVE. Fraternity inspires and expresses the interrelation of the individual with his fellows, his pride in the institution and respect for the wisdom of its tradition.

If in fact all members of this fraternity are bound by this creed; I would hope that the cowardly bastards that pissed on the American flag, spit on the disabled vets, harassed their wives and kids, pissed on the vet dogs are thrown out of the fraternity and out of the schools they attend.

Years past, before the advent of PC-ness, when the majority of Americans were patriotic, desecration of the flag was a federal offense. In all of their demented wisdom some old, senile, decrepit supreme courts justices changed that laws.

It is not the burning or desecrating of the piece of cloth that is an act of treason as I see it; it is what the flag represents.

Is Flag Burning Illegal?

Written by S. Danilina | Fact checked by The Law Dictionary staff |  

Currently, flag burning is not illegal in the United States.  The Supreme Court of the United States in its decision from 1969 has ruled that the burning of the flag is protected by the First Amendment. However, the person who burnt the flag can be found guilty of a misdemeanor for starting a fire without a permit.

Got that sports fans. The burning of the flag was deemed legal but the setting a fire is illegal.

I have no idea where the patriotism lies with these do nothing, accent, warped minded supreme courts justices that are appointed for life and make $175,000.00 a year.

I am a staunch supporter of all freedoms our country has but there has to be a distinction draw between what should be considered legal and what constitutes sacrilegious acts as I see it against the United States.

There is nothing a couple of platoons of Jar Heads couldn’t take care of in Panama City.

What makes my blood boil; these bastards are hiding behind the laws and protection of the country that they are disrespecting.  How many people have given their lives in defense of what our flag symbolizes?

What kind of action is the University of Florida and Emory University going to take against these pack of parasitic bums? They probably cannot throw them out of school for burning the flag but they can demand that the fraternity be dismantled or at least clean it up.

It would be the same principal if someone was living in your house and they constantly complained that they didn’t like the food – the rent was too much – the furniture is old – the color of the house bothered them – dinner was served too late for them – they pissed and shit on your floor – beat up you kids and they hated their landlord. Why not move out.  Love it or leave it.  Why defend trash like them???

In  many of the countries around the world that still have some sense; it is against the law to desecrate the flag punishable by 6 years in jail.

It is a sad commentary that people such as these cowards are allowed to live in our country, enjoy all of the freedoms but disrespect it the way they do.

I say go to North Korea and try to burn their flag.

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